Google+ Mommy Moments with Abby: March 2013

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lymph Rub Review

I don't know about you, but we down here in Arizona get Summer colds.  They are not fun, neither is the allergies that Arizona seems to bring about.  So, I'm always having to look for relief.  I like to keep things as natural as possible.  

Sparkle Farms Bloomer Shorts Review

Our little girls are so adorable!  I know that mine loves to dress up, is obsessed with shoes, and skirts are a favorite item to wear.  The problem is that she has a brother, while I'm not sure it would make a huge difference, they play rough at times.  They have snow ball fights in the snow, dig in the dirt, and whatever little boy thing he does she is right there with him.  These aren't exactly skirt friendly!  So, I end up having to constantly remind her to pull her skirt down, or to sit differently.  

Hugo the Starfish-The Bully Review

Running a family, let alone a daycare, means having to teach Character education to a variety of ages constantly.  That's why I'm always looking for learning tools that will help me achieve this goal.  I think that a children's book about bullying is a great tool for this exact goal.

Friday, March 29, 2013

How Cartoons help Kids Understand Cross-Marketing Better Than Anyone Else

How Cartoons help Kids Understand Cross-Marketing Better Than Anyone Else

Cartoons have progressed at a rapid pace. If you look at how cartoons were a hundred years ago and compare them to how they are now then you will see the monumental difference. However, what is also remarkable is how cartoons have branched into an array of mass media forms. The development of cartoons has extended much further than the fantastic graphic innovations and sound progressions we have witnessed on our screen. Nowadays, cartoons are central to the method of cross-marketing, meaning that this is a concept your children may understand better than you. Thus, to ensure that this is not the case, you better read on...

Monday, March 25, 2013

Can a mom be stock savy?

Our kids future is involved in all decisions we make.  Why not think about making sure their future is solid as well.  I've been thinking a lot about the plans we invest in for our kids.  Then I've been thinking of all the recent issues that our economy has faced and can't help but wonder what the best way to save for the future is for our kids.  Should we continue to just invest in the plans packaged for us or should we do it ourselves?  The answer is I don't know.  

@bedtimenetwork Friends help friends sleep better

As a parent I'm sure you know the importance of sleep.  I bet you've even had the sensation of sleep deprivation.  So, to help us weary parents grab some zzz's the bedtime network has a giveaway going on!  Check out these prizes: 
personalized consults with six bedtime network consultants-1 winner 
bedtime beats ihome and clock radio-3 winners
bedtime beats music collection plus bedphones- 5 winners

Spring brings more than just flowers!

Spring brings so much in the air.  It carries change, hope, and new blooms.  It also seems to bring with it the desire t have a bloom of their own in women.  I'm not sure why but maybe its the warm sun after a long winter or all the beautiful romantic flowers that does it, but this tends to be the time of year I hear about people talking about starting a family. 

Milk Jug Bunny Ears

Tis' the season to get Hoppy!  Why not let your little one expel some of the energy from those baskets with a few hops of their own?  First, they will need a pair of ears to get into the part!  Let's go make some!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Home Made Easter Basket

Kid's love Easter!  Candy, games, and crafts what isn't to love?  Why not help them create a a basket to hold all their stuff in?  Here is what you can do:

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Personalized Family Manifesto Review

It's about time for wedding/anniversary season, so why not give a gift of a different kind.  Give something for the house that reminds the couple or your spouse of the bond created by marriage.  

Slap Kooler Review

It's coming up on summer so I have another fun product for your summer activities!  Whether its going to a new mom's group or keeping track of along with keeping your summer sweet tea cool, here is a great product to help!

Pedi Protexx Review

I run a daycare, but that doesn't mean that I don't want too look good, or that when I get a free moment that it isn't often interrupted before I'm ready for it to be.  I can't tell you how many times my toe polish has ended up a disaster because of nap ending early or a package being delivered with 3 dogs bouncing off the walls to let me know!  So, frustrating  I don't have time to repair a messed up pedicure!  Do you?

Just Hatched!

These adorable little guys have just hatched from the mind of a child!  They are fun to make and the kid's love to pretend to take care of the little guys.  Let me tell you how to create this fun craft:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Puccini's Tie Review

 photo P2180056_zps86cd5ae4.jpg photo P2180055_zpsf47b3bf1.jpgI love the spring, it means so much can be brightened up and shown off!  I really love it because my hubby has the best blue eyes!  So, whenever I can put a bright color on him, I love it. So, how do you add some color to a guy who has to wear business attire every day?  With the easiest way possible, the tie!

Baby Magic Eczema Treatment

The dry air in Arizona is horrible on anyone's skin.    That makes it even worse on someone with Eczema.  My son was recently diagnosed with Eczema and to keep him from scratching his skin I have to constantly put stuff on his skin and I don't have to tell you how hard it can be to carry around a huge bottle of lotion.  

Monday, March 18, 2013

Castle Dental in Franklin, TN

 Guest post by Crystal F
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Castle Dental accepts a wide variety of insurance plans, and provides patients with even more value through the ConfiDent savings program which offers significant discounts on dental care, in some cases as much as 30% off. Patients at Castle Dental can also take advantage of our convenient payment plans.

Located in the Maples Shopping Center at 1010 Murfreesboro Road, Suite 196 in Franklin, Tennessee, Castle Dental is ideally situated to provide dental care to patients living and working in Franklin, Spring Hill, Brentwood, Thompson’s Station, and other communities located in the Williamson County area.

In addition to providing top quality dental services on Monday through Friday, Castle Dental also offers evening and Saturday appointments to accommodate patients who need additional appointment scheduling flexibility, and emergency appointments as needed.

So don’t settle for second best - the next time you need a franklin, tn dentist, make plans to visit Castle Dental in Franklin, Tennessee, and experience the top quality, affordable, and convenient dental care that you and your family deserve.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Flower Crown

No matter the time of year a crown of flowers fits any head!  Instead of paying a ton for a real one made by someone else, why not make one of your own keeping them busy with a craft and keeping them cute with a flower crown to wear!  Here is what you do: 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Emz Baby Bowz Review

 I don't know about you, or honest where they come from most of the time, but my daughter has a ton of things for her hair.  She has more than I do and she is only 3!  So, where in the world do you put them all?  She loves to put them in at random so it has to be someplace where I can easily put them back and she can easily take them down for her hair.  Thus, we introduce my latest review: 

Wolf Claw Review

So, I've heard of being a Tiger Mom, but what about being a Wolf Mom?  Yeah, well how about I be a human mom and leave the animal tendencies for when I'm cooking.  I have to admit when I was testing out my latest review product, I definitely hit on the animal side of myself! 

Tea Tree Sugar Scrub Review

 photo P2180058_zps1ddacc77.jpg Summer time means switching up the beauty routine.  Why is it that certain scents just go with specific times of the year?  When spring and summer hits the scents get fruitier, lighter, and deeper at the same time.  So, here in Arizona it is finally warming up, and unless we get another random sleet that graced us not even a month ago, my body is telling me to prep for the warmer months.  This means scuffing off the long sleeves, extra weight and skin that we pack around during the winter, and getting ready to bare the heat! 

Nuby Glo-Pals Review

 photo 1292013030_zps368d661f.jpg Every kid needs something to cuddle with at night.  I know mine love to have something to cuddle with at night.  So, I started thinking about what I used to cuddle with at night.  I used to have a Glo-worm, remember those?  I loved mine, it was before those star shapes on the wall turtles, and glowing pillows.  I loved that mine was a doll and I could light it up when I needed it, say to go potty?  So, I've been looking for something like a glow worm for my kiddo's to cuddle with at night and I think I found it!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Take Hyland’s 7-Day Sleep Challenge

Sleep, it can be a five letter word to any mom.  That's why it's important for us to find healthy ways to get to sleep and share them with other mom's.  My favorite thing to help me get to sleep is two fold.  

Shopping LELA Style!

So, I'm a mom who loves to shop, but hates to shop because I'm always on the clock.  Like every mom out there I know that I have limited time to get into, through, and out of a store in a specific time period or I'm in for something child related happening.  I can't tell you how often I've been with half a full cart in the middle of a Target when my kid says, "I have to potty", so you take them to come out and find your half full cart MIA and you have to start over.  This is specifically annoying to a mom who shops for Christmas year round to get the best deals, spread out the damage to the wallet, and leave a few last minute things for that Thanksgiving insanity that I dread being in.  So, to help my shopping annoyances I find shopping online much easier, sort of.

Tax Time

UGGG! It's that time of the year again!  Tax time!  I don't know about you but I hate this time of year. Now, with the changes to what we get reductions with it is going to be harder then usual to face the form and get it filled out.  Like, it wasn't hard enough to face that irs form before the changes, now we know we are going to be expecting breaks and boxes that may not be there next year.  This year we have to face needing that tax return more since we are paying more taxes!  

Making your blog or business on the go ready!

This is aimed for those mom's and dad's who run a blog or own their own business.  We love to reach our customers any way we can, but it can be hard to make what looks good on the web also look good on say a mobile phone app?  Seriously, I have a hard enough time sometimes trying to get the photo's and links to align the way I want them to on my blog, trying to get it so it will also look good on any mobile users I have can be almost impossible at times.  So, I'm looking for a solution to my problem.  

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nuby Stool Review

 photo 1292013036_zps3f010f5e.jpg
 My kids love to be big.  This means doing big kid things like, helping to cook, washing their own hands, helping put things away from the dishwasher, and a ton of other things where they may need a step up to achieve   So, a step stool is needed.  But often, when you find a kid's step stool, mom's may not be able to work with the stool without squishing it.  Whether you are 110lbs or 200lbs nothing can make you feel huge like stepping onto your kid's stool and feeling it bend or break.  That's why I was excited to test out Nuby's stool. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Looking for something a little more original!

So, I like to put clothes in the kid's Easter Baskets, but how boring have the stores become?  So, I do what I do best and hit the Google Search up for kid's clothes with some originality.  On my search for something fun to put in the kid's I found a fun new online store with a ton of different items for those who are bored with the store bought styles.  

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mommies Market Giveaway!


Welcome to this HUGE Giveaway of products from Mom-Owned Businesses!

Do you know a mom that owns a small business? We do! We would like to take the time to honor all their hard work and recognize their business ventures. Below you will find many companies you may heard of, some are totally unique and new.  In fact, Mommy Moment's with Abby has a business of her own, Abby's Amazing Attic!  There you can find fun items for sale, a link to our Etsy store, and our current items up for auction on ebay! But, more about this awesome giveaway with a ton of prizes that are all mom generated!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Super WHY is coming to Mesa, AZ!

Do you have a super reader in your house?  Super WHY Live will stop in 27 cities across the U.S. in April and May, taking kids and parents on a live reading adventure traveling inside a book to find the answer to the question, "Who has the Greatest Super Power in the World?" The show is uplifting, entertaining, and educational. 

Pot O'Gold and Toddler Luck

It's the luck of the toddler!  This craft makes a great center piece or just decoration for the end table and is fun for your little one to make!  Why not turn an old milk jug into a Pot-Of-Gold?

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