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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Looking for something a little more original!

So, I like to put clothes in the kid's Easter Baskets, but how boring have the stores become?  So, I do what I do best and hit the Google Search up for kid's clothes with some originality.  On my search for something fun to put in the kid's I found a fun new online store with a ton of different items for those who are bored with the store bought styles.  
It's called CafePress.  If you have a minute to look around you can find some fun and different hoodiescute baby clothes, and a ton of other stuff for the closet or the home!  I had a blast looking around at the "geek" section and the "fairy-tale" sections.  They had a great selection on both vintage styled fairy-tale images on the clothes and mathematical joke's for kids.  I love finding great new things that don't remind me of the clothes I see everyone else wear.  I want my kids to be original and cool, not the I'm cutting edge with the exact same "edgy" shirt/style that every other kid has, but actual cool that only comes from actual originality and great finds!  Something that I was definitely able to find at CafePress.  So, enough with the posting about my awesome store find, I'm off to find pajamas for children!

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