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Friday, November 22, 2013

Who is interested in SuperCuts #franchising anyway?

With the new year on the horizon many are looking for a change.  For some that will me a new job.  So, what about starting your own business?  But who has the time and who else is looking into starting their own business?  Who is interested in a SuperCuts Franchise anyway?  It's important to know the company you'll keep when you are looking to make a big move like this and the details can shape the decisions you make.  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Milk Carton Turkey

Why not start a new tradition of Thanks Cards?  You can have the kids make a card all their own of why they are thankful for each person attending your thanksgiving dinner to be read around the table!  Even better, you can make a great centerpeice with the kids to double as a card holder! Check out a great way to get your turkey of thanks on this year!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Celebrate Your Holiday Wish Giveaway Event


Celebrate Your Holiday Wish Giveaway   Nov 11-30, 2013 Open to US

It's starting!  The Holiday Giveaways!  What is on your wish list this year?  Why not win the chance to get a $300 Target Gift card to do the shopping without bothering your budget?  Talk about a good way to kick off the season of giveaways!

A few more arms for mom!

This post brought to you by VTech Communications. All opinions are 100% mine.

I run a daycare from my home.  This means I have to not only take calls, but lead in the childrens learning at the same time.  Most moms are great at doing more than one thing at a time, but it would be nice if we could add a few arms to help juggle the demands of the day.  For me specifically, the hardest thing to do is to answer business/client calls while changing diapers/creating art/feeding a baby/ or putting together a puzzle.  What would really help would be if I could duplicate my cell so that while one charges, another that preferable has a hands free set, could be near by for me to answer without dropping everything.  

Don't you love it when someone else has your same issue and happens to work it out to create a solution?  Well VTech seems to have found a way to help me out.   VTech first made its market debut in 1976 and since then has become one of the top three competitors for cordless communication in the United States. It is called the DS6670-6C.  This is a phone that allows for you to connect not one but two different cell phones to 5 headsets, including a handsfree set which is perfect for my particular issue.  Now I can charge my cell and have a handset in each room that we use, plus the hands free set means I won't miss a client call while making lunch, feeding a baby, preparing bottles/sippies, and changing diapers.  I can set up both my husband and my number to this system and we can see who is being called.  This way when he is out lifting in the garage I don't have to stop the dishes I'm washing, dry my hands, find his phone and run it out to him preferable before the call is missed.  

It also helps in homes that have dead spots or places where you don't get a good connection or signal.  Just station your cell in the place where it gets the best signal and then put one of these handsets where you need it and you'll get full connections where you need it and not where your phone decides it works best.  

You can order your own online!  Check them out and Like VTech on Facebook or Follow VTech on Twitter

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Naturepedic Giveaway!

The Holidays are upon us!  That means running around, stress, carrying sleeping kids, and putting together items in the middle of the night leaving us exhausted and strained.  How about a little help with that?  Who wouldn't want a new mattress to help them have a good night sleep?  I know I would love one! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Beauty Box Review

We all need a little pick me up.  Something to brighten our day, remind us that we aren't just mom's but woman.  A little pamper box is just perfect for a five minute lift!

Babi-kini Review

I've noticed a lot of parents and schools are doing swim lessons during the fall.  They usually bus the kids to an indoor facility.  Then the kids get to learn how to swim with their friends.  I think this is a great idea if you have the funds for it.  Problem is they may have grown out of that swimsuit you bought at the beginning of the summer, so where do you get a cute swimsuit from?  My latest review can help!

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