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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Zeta Universal Wrap

I've been using my husband's weights, well the bar to help me keep off the weight that food likes to place on my body.  I also, happen to have weak ankles and wrists, so this added stress on my joints can be painful.  

Kisspat Hair Color Chalk

Time for some summer fun!  That means getting colorful!  We have dress-up days where we dress-up, face paint, and now put some fun colors in our hair!  Best part is, it all washes off in the kiddy pool later that day!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Boca Beth Review

I'm a big believer in exposing kids to languages early.   That's why I love language tools that you can use on your kids no matter the age.  It is nice when they are easy to use and understand.

My Favorite Hyland’s Summertime Memories

My kids are young and I'm hoping to build some memories with them.  Moments for them to hold onto, like the extra cuddles they get after I treat their bites with Bug Bite Ointment.  We put on the Ointment and then they get wrapped up in their towel or blanket for some cuddles with the summer evening breeze blowing on us, the hummingbirds swooping in for a last meal of the day.  The little lazy day summer moments that I hope they remember when they are older!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Expanding their minds to the language of the world!

I think it is important as a parent to show your kids as much as the worlds knowledge as you can.  For some of us this will mean doing so with knowledge and books.  For others, it may mean trips abroad.  Regardless one of the most important parts of learning about the world is knowing that communication is important.  At home we can teach our kids about communicating through customs, like foods for specific occasions, maybe a way of setting the table, or decorations for a holiday the other culture you are learning about celebrates.  Each communicates different ways of respect, joy, sorry, or a broad array of non-verbal communication skills.  For those traveling abroad you may want to look into translations services  this way you can  make sure that you are full exposing your child to the parts of the world you've taken them too!  After all, a child isn't brain is so much for receptive than an adults to language opening up those avenues with exposure to properly spoken language while you do will help in opening those language pathways for use later.  Regardless of whether you are capable of going abroad or not, all families have in their power the ability to expose their children to all parts of the world.  The more you expose your child to today, the further they can go tomorrow!  

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Father's Day in a Can Review

This Father's Day be creative without breaking the bank.  Do something special for him with the kids that they can be proud of and he can enjoy.  Plus, helping him and your family be healthy is the best gift  you can give anyone!

Shadora Diamond Accent Sterling Silver Oval Hoop Earrings Review

What girl doesn't love Jewelry?!  I know I love it, even if I don't get to wear it as much as I like.  Despite not being able to wear it often I'm always looking for some that won't damage my wallet.  This way I can have it for those rare date nights that I get to wear jewelry and not feel guilty!  It's only worth it though if it looks good.

Mami Skin Care Sunny Day's Review

The sun is out, it is hot, and my skin hates me!  My skin get's so mad at me during the first month of summer.  The sun lotion tends to block pores or be oily and in Arizona, I use a ton of sun lotion.  This means it is break out season for me, but what choice do I have?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kids Bowl Free!

It can be too hot sometimes in the summer.  So, take them someplace fun that is air conditioned!  Take them bowling!

Feeling Heavy today? Blame the sun!

Feeling heavy today?  Blame the sun, literally!  Right now between 11 and 1 pm the earth is at the closest point to the sun!  This means that the gravitational pull is the strongest during this time.  This affects the laws of gravity.  At least that's what legend tells us.  Which is why the kids and I were able to do a fun experiment!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kiss the Cook Event

Kiss the Cook Event

Organized by: Mom to Bed by 8
This should be called get a kiss from the cook!  I would bet if you gave the cook this set you'd definitely earn yourself a kiss!  I know I'd give one out!  Check out this amazing prize package!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Candlelight without the mess!

Nearly all seasons call for candles. They’re used to adorn balconies, patios, dinner tables, parties and special occasions. However, some candles can be problematic depending upon their usage. Here in Arizona, wax tends to melt creating a huge mess!  Candles are so romantic and soothing, luckily there is a way around this big mess!  Battery-operated candles provide the joy of using candles without any problems traditional candles present. Battery-operated candles help prevent fires, provide lovely dining light, provide glow without the smoke and provide a safe way to use candles around children and animals.

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