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Friday, April 18, 2014

Service Dogs are the Ultimate Companions

When a veteran comes home from a war with injuries that require the assistance of a service dog, or a disabled person in a wheelchair has that requirement, it is important to know how such a trained dog can be of unbelievable aid to make that person's life much more livable. 

If searching for a service dog that is already trained, it is suggested visiting or calling CCI (Canine Companions For Independence) or a similar organization to be put on what may be a long waiting list. This is best for people who have limited ability to be directly involved in a dog's training. It is also possible to get assistance from several sources for the purchase of a rescued dog that is capable of doing the work.

Some people already have a dog that they would like to be trained, and that is possible if the dog is suitable for this particular type of work. A special dog training service offers a cost effective alternative. Examples of some of the behaviors that are taught include getting help, barking to alert the telephone or doorbell, stopping at certain objects, turning lights on and off, retrieving and carrying dropped articles and other specific objects, opening drawers and doors, and other extremely helpful tasks.

A prerequisite for any service dog training is basic obedience, and that works out well when the client is involved in the actual training of the dog. If the owner is not physically capable of being involved, an assistant must be provided for the day to day training and care of the dog. 

The chosen proper dog must pass a temperament test, must not be fearful or aggressive to humans or other dogs, must be good in public and be able to navigate through crowds, must stay by the owner's side or lay down under or next to a table, must follow commands, and must pass a CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test conducted with the owner of the dog or the assistant as the handler.

Learn more about how and if your dog can be trained as a service dog and more about the qualifications needed to be met or if it is better to get a dog that is already trained.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Keep Track of Physical Activity with a Heart Monitor that Fits the Bill

If you are committed to personal fitness, one of the best things you can do for improved well-being is to keep tabs on your heart, as well as your physical activity. With a host of products on the market from companies like, you'll find a wide selection of monitors that can help you to keep track of what is going on in your body. You only get to go on the roller coaster of life once. You might as well take care of yourself and enjoy the ride.

Choose the Heart Monitor to Fit Your Lifestyle

When you're looking for a heart monitor, you need to think about what will work best for you. Depending on the type of activity of choice, you may opt for a monitor that works best for swimming, running, or cycling. You could also have different goals in mind when it comes to your personal well-being. If you are on a mission to lose weight, you'll want a monitor that not only keeps track of your heart, it should also include how many calories your burning and the number of steps you are taking. If you are involved in an intense fitness regimen or training for a strenuous event, you are going to need a monitor that can help you to maximize your performance. If you are simply trying to get in better shape, you'll find products that are designed to improve fitness. For the person who is on the go and heading out into parts unknown, or someone who always likes to change things up by choosing a different route, a monitor with a GPS feature could be perfect for you. Think about what you need out of your heart rate monitor, do your homework, and start comparison shopping.

Consider a Heart Rate Monitor that Does it All

If you want a device that has comprehensive capabilities, get the Polar Loop activity monitor. It includes many perks besides keeping track of your beats per minute. This gadget is worn as a bracelet at all times to monitor your physical activity. Even at night, it takes note of your sleep patterns. You can actually set goals for yourself and the Polar Loop activity monitor will show you what you need to do to get there. Count your calories, your steps, and find out how active you are all day long.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Authors Endorse National Read Across America Day on March 3, 2014

I am a huge believer in reading to your kids from in the womb until they leave for college.  It is so important to expose our children to the world of words as much as possible!  Not only does it allow for family bonding, but it can help teach different lessons or idea's while helping a child learn grammar skills!  How often do you read to or with your kids?  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Shipping my love?

Packing tape may seems like it is one-size-fits-all for the person who occasionally packages gifts to send out for the holidays or sells items on auction sites. However, packaging tape for industrial purposes can take on many forms. Depending on the purpose of the tape, companies can get a tape product that will hold their packages and products in place without fail.

Specialty Tapes

Specialty tapes can be produced for businesses who want to pack their packages and leave marketing material on the box. Specially-designed tapes can bear a company's logo and contact information so that the business is being promoted even on the outside of the box. Companies that use designed tape on the inside of the store can can wrap package for customers and leave the tape on the wrapping paper. The tape can also be affixed to shopping bags so that customers always leave the store with a branded bag with all of their merchandise.

There are so many different things out their for Valentine's day.  Plenty of them cater to those with loved ones who will be away for that special Valentines Day surprises and all of them urge you to shop now!  But what if you have made or already bought that perfect surprise and have to ship it yourself?  Just when you think the decisions are over you find yourself holding a box and staring at a wall of tape.  Naturally you want to grab the right one to keep your love reminder safe and inside your box as it journey's to your loved one.  So, how do you decide which is the right tape?  Here are some things to consider when picking the tape that best fits your needs,

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