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Monday, August 5, 2019

Sight Word Tool

Curriculum is a pain to create, but so much fun to execute. I am always looking for new tools to use. Here is a new tool I came across that I wanted to share with those of you looking for idea's for phonics curriculum. This new curriculum is for teaching Phonemic Awareness (also called Pre-Phonics) to children. Just click here: Sight Words to head to the Sight Words website where they have their latest teaching tool out. The site is packed with games, activities, and tools to help parents and educators prepare children for learning to read.  I used (and still use for my own children) some of their flashcards in my house and love them.

The site's features include:
• A Curriculum covering the full range of Phonological and Phonemic Awareness
• Classroom-tested Lessons based on the latest research, complete with “how-to” videos
• Printable picture cards, word lists, and game boards
• Teaching Tips for tailoring games to the specific needs of your students

I like that their are free and printable materials are designed to promote learning in the classroom and also at home.  Free is always good and it can be hard to find quality free tools to use.  Again, the company is Sight Words and here is the link to their newest Phonemic Awareness site: phonemic-awareness/

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Getting tender with my Cave Tool!

I love spices and flavors of all sorts, but my husband is more of a salt and pepper guy.  My work around is that I can get away with adding spice to a meat if I can make that meat so tender that it melts in the mouth.  After a ton of experimenting I found the best way to do this was to not only add some liquid, either your sauce or just plan water/chicken stock and cover for 3/4 of your cooking time, but to make sure the meat was well tenderized.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A 5-pose yoga routine for busy Moms

 A perfect sequence of 5 yoga poses you can do even if you're a super busy Mom.
Guest Post by Nicola Smith

When you're a busy Mom, fitting in a workout every day can feel like an ambitious goal. And while you may hear that you, 'need to fill up your own cup first,' when life gets busy, looking after your own health can quickly be forgotten. Enter, yoga — a workout for your mind, body and soul. Yoga is perfect for calming the nervous system and strengthening and stretching all the muscles in your body.

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