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Friday, September 20, 2013

Hugo the Happy Starfish: The Power of the Word ebook Review

One of the hardest lessons to teach kids early on is the power of words.  Teaching them how words can hurt and that we need to be careful of what we say when we are feeling emotions like anger, pain, sadness may cause damage to someone else that we don't intend to harm.  Explaining that like actions you can't take back words is even harder.  So, to help explain this message to kids we can use books.

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Hugo the Happy Starfish: The Power of the Word: We love to check out and see what Hugo the Happy Starfish is up too!  He is always doing something that gives us laughs or has us wondering what will happen next.  This story was no different.

The kids loved the new character for them, Charisma.  The kids were very excited for Hugo's new journey.  They thought the heart arrows were funny and of course I helped them feel what Hugo felt with some tickles!

They didn't like the idea of Hugo saying bad words though.  My daughter said, "Oh No, That isn't a good idea!"  and she was right.  Hugo got to feel the pain of bad words and the kids got a great example of the difference in good words and bad words.  Of course, this brought up the conversation of honesty.  If someone does something bad and you tell them it's bad and they cry is that bad words?  No, being honest is never bad.  I was excited for this additional lesson for the kids!.  So, for one message on what bad words do, we ended up with two messages!  This is a great story to help  you explain the difference in good and bad words and the messages they offer when we use them.

Product Description
On the ISLAND OF EMPATHY Hugo learns about the power words can have and the fact that if he has nothing good to say he is better off not to say anything. Words are like arrows, once you let them go you cannot take them back and depending on how you use them they can hurt.

Hugo is a little starfish whose home is at the bottom of the wide ocean. He longs to visit the real world, and one day he decides to go and find it. Hugo's journey to happiness isn't quite as straightforward as he hopes though. He is sent to a series of different islands where he is taught important character lessons.
By the end of his journey, Hugo has visited fourteen islands, made many more friends, and, most importantly, learned how to be a better starfish.

‘HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH - ISLAND ADVENTURES’ is packed with life lessons for kids, showing them the importance of appreciation, patience, tolerance and optimism amongst others.

Teaching children life skills can be tricky, but with this exciting book your kids will come across some of the most important lessons there are to be learned. Like Hugo, their journey to the real world will be full of character lessons along the way.

In Hugo, children, parents, and educators will discover a lovable and engaging role model with whom they can identify.

The story consists of 29 gorgeous illustrations showing a colorful and magical underwater world.

Children will laugh at the delightful characters, hold their breaths in suspense and love to read this story over and over.

The book is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for older children.

The book comes with a number of worksheets which are downloadable at no cost on our website.
The book is offered in two editions (a version with Spanish introductory vocabulary and an English only version) as well as in different languages such as German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

There are more HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH stories waiting to be discovered. Make sure to read THE LAST BULLY and THE SECRET TO HAPPINESS, THE MAGIC OF THE MOMENT, ONE STEP AT ATIME, FLYING HIGH, and many more.
Through his adventures, Hugo learns many valuable lessons of character, life skills, and ecological alertness – all amid the backdrop of a magical underwater world and mystical islands.
The stories were developed in conjunction with the author’s teaching experience at an International Baccalaureate® School and they support the different learner profiles and attitudes of the IB PYP curriculum.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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