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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lipoma Removal

I had my lipoma removed Friday the 24th of February.  It was a nerve racking morning.  I run a home daycare so getting everyone ready for me being gone was a huge concern.  My parents were taking on the daycare, my kids, and the dogs for the weekend while I had surgery and recovered.  I was freaking out, was everyone ready, would the local work or would I need to go completely under and be transferred from an outpatient facility to the hospital, would they get it all, would they find a problem, would it be cancer, would I recover alright? (there is a graphic photo in case you are the queasy type)
I took the Valium and felt it quickly.  It was hard to track thoughts and conversations.  My husband drove me to the doctors office.  We got their early and had to wait for it to open.  We went inside and they called my name.  My husband held my stuff and I headed back.  I laid on my stomach and they started the injections.  Think your dental injections followed by the sensation that you are catching fire.  It very slowly subsided after they did many more rounds of injections, finally I was alright to start.
It is the oddest sound to have something being cut from your body while you are still awake.  For me it sounded like they were cutting my hair right next to my ear which was later told to me that the tumor had been connecting itself to my muscles and they were having to cut the attatchments away explaining the sound I heard.  I needed 5 more rounds of injections throughout the procedure as my body kept metabolizing the local leaving me feeling a good amount of the procedure.  Their was the sensation and at times pain as the incision was moved around to get the 5 inch long 2 inch thick mass from my back.  All in all it was disturbing to know that something was being cut from me and I could feel and hear the whole thing.
This isn't my Lipoma, but is around the same size and shape of mine, I was too Valium-ed up to get a good picture of mine and forgot the camera.

It was sent to pathology as it had grown since my pre-op visit and it had really attached itself to my muscles, which was why I had pain when it was moved around and issues with mobility.  He had to make an inch long incision instead of the few centimeters he had thought.  I was going to have pain, but should be fine by the following week.  I was to expect fluid to build inside and need to have it drained when he checked my sutures.  He offered a pain pill script which I stupidly denied.  He gave me a final injection of the local and I was off.  Scheduled the follow up visit and left.
We went home to finish packing and started on our trip, which I fell asleep for.  He packed the car and lifted everything making sure I had something to drink and the car was loaded properly, full of gas, and we knew where we were going, plus made the hotel reservation in Las Vegas.  As many of you can appreciate, we don't get much opportunity to go on a vacation and why not see a few things while I re-cover.  So, he drove and I slept with my body exhausted from the pain, anxiety, and well I'm always tired.

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  1. I have a large lipoma on my left ribs that has to be removed? Just wondering how long recovery time if any would be? Like would I have to miss work or would I be fine?

  2. It depends on the size and what you plan on doing. Mine was on my shoulder so I would imagine the recovery would be different since it is easier to not move a shoulder than the ribs are. I also have a high pain tolerance, so while it was very uncomfortable for me, I did go hiking a day later. Recover is always going to vary based on location and the person themselves. I would consult a doctor regarding the size of the lipoma and projected recovery time. Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

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