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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Recovery Night 1- Vegas

Neither of us have been to Las Vegas and we both imagined it as a place of prostitution, a lot of trash and it being overall dirty, drinking, rudeness, and gambling.  Basically, a place you visit when you are young and drinking is fun and social or for those stuck in their variation of addiction.  To our surprise, on the drive up that I woke up for, we ran into a sort of forest of Joshua Tree's.  They always seem to be so lonely when you see them in the movies, it was interesting to see so many of them together.  I'm sure for my husband the drive with a mostly sleeping wife was a long one.  It was a relief when the first signs of Vegas appeared.  We could literally see the lights from over 40 miles away.  If Vegas has anything to offer it is the shear amazement that the site of the strip is what makes the trip one to take even if it's just once.

We got there and checked into the Imperial Palace.  It was alright.  The room was an upgrade, but had none of the things we even see in a best western like the lotions, shampoos, or soaps.  It was nice looking though and would be fine for a one night stay.  We immediately asked for the coupon book and got the players card for the added discounts and free play offers they hold.  We got to the room and my husband unloaded the luggage from himself, helped his wife change and get ready to go out, and check to make sure I wasn't bleeding through the bandage.
Just having surgery and my husband driving from Phoenix to Las Vegas in a day meant we needed food.  We went to the Flamingo's Buffet.  It was very extensive and we ate a lot of crab, craw-fish, desserts, Pepsi, and pasta salad. Second thing to go to Vegas for is the Buffet's! The desserts were amazing and I ate at least 5 different ones.  The pain started really growing and my husband made sure to keep a protective layer against the crowd and my shoulder.  We went back to the Imperial and both noticed that other than some "adult" coupons being handed out it was very clean and the people were mostly polite.

I played some black jack (lost) and my husband played some table poker.  It was new to play table poker and a good learning experience.  Their was a very nice man sitting next to my husband who explained a few things since their is a bonus bet and it can change your play a lot.  We didn't win in the end, but mainly because some of his best hands didn't have the bonus bet.

The next morning I hadn't slept much at all, my shoulder couldn't be laid on and taking a bath was not easy as I couldn't get my bandage wet.  We loaded up the car and walked around the strip.  (Really should say my husband loaded up the car and helped dress his wife before we walked the strip where he had to make himself into a protective shield.)  It was very beautiful and their were characters on the streets which we both felt was sort of like Disney Land, we even saw Woody walking around.  My husband needed a belt so we went to the Miracle Mile.  On the way to the entrance a guy walking the other way got bumped into and almost spilled his beer on me and actually said something to the person who bumped into him. We both noted it was nice that he didn't just laugh and instead took it on himself to say something regarding the person who was being rude.  People don't call others out on rude behavior anymore and it was refreshing.  We got the belt and made our way back to the car.  We got our picture in front of the sign before we left and headed to Zion for a nice relaxing place to recover. Vegas is just too crowded and busy for trying to recover shoulder surgery. (you will notice my arm is pretty much just handing there as moving it in any way hurt.)

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  1. I read your story about the lipoma removed in 2012; please let me know the name of the Doctor as I have 2 lipomas, one the size you had and the other the size of an apple. I live in Henderson, NV about 10 minutes from Las Vegas. My e-mail is
    I hope to hear from you. Laura

  2. I have a medium-marble sized lipoma on the inside of my right wrist, which I am having removed in a couple days.
    Smita shrama


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