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Friday, September 30, 2011

Following the Trendy Mistakes: The Unfortunate Case Against Animal Print

A while ago woman used to take their power seriously, even if at the time they were held back in the workforce, they still behaved like woman and addressed the issue as such. Then, we started following trends, trying to be more like men, and somehow our movement got lost in the smut wiping away the demur class woman once were known to have. I believe we woman need to accept ourselves. We are not men. Physically from an anatomy standpoint we can become strong and do much of what men do, but in the end out bodies are set up to take on stamina instead of brut force. We hold the keys to the future in who we chose to have children with. That is a heavy thing to have control over and with the mentality of having sex like a man we tempt karma, nature, or fate to spread the seed of someone we may not have originally intended. We dress more and more like hookers. Turn on the TV and you'll see what I'm saying, if you or I walked outside in the outfits that many of our favorite show characters do we would be looked at (not in a good way) and potentially propositioned.

We can show off our curves without giving away the entire box of cookies in one look! I'm going to say this and probably recieve a back lash, but animal print. I love animal print, but out of a debate with my husband recently had a realization. I'm not Jackie O, it is not the 50's/early 60's, and the only people who actually pull off animal print are hookers. Don't believe me, if your in Arizona in Phoenix just take a stroll down Van Buren and you'll see animal print in spades or you can do what I did and take it to google. The discussion boards all basically said its what hookers and sleezy girls wear with the occasional one very small piece(scarf, belt, clutch purse) is OK depending on how you wear it. So, as woman we need to be aware of what we put out there because you can bet it's what we will get back.

I like many, fell into the opinion that I could do everything a man could. Thankfully, I have realized that I don't want to do everything a man can and have embraced the woman side of me as well. We are the gatekeepers, deciding the fate of the future by who we choose to reproduce with creating the next generation. I can lift for stregnth without loosing my curves, I can do a job just as good as a man and still wear heels with a baby on my hip, I can be proud of my body without loosing its feminine allure turning it to a neon sign, and I can still be a woman without living like a man. Sadly to say, this means the animal print Jackie O jacket will have to only come out on Halloween and in the private of my home.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

AllyBally guest blog

Today is the day! AllyBally Designer Allison Meeks is giving us a specail peek in to her crafting abilities! She was very excited to visit us at Mommy Moments with Abby and wanted to share with you a project that is perfect for your door if you have little ones or is a perfect gift for the next baby shower you go to!  Here is Allisons Guest Craft Blog:

Hey Everyone! I am excited to be guest blogging for Mommy Moments with Abby today! I wanted to share with you a project that is perfect for your door if you have little ones or is a perfect gift for the next baby shower you go to!
Let's get started!


Birch Plywood 1/8X6x12 in from Michaels or you can order through the amazon link listed below

Black, orange, yellow, white, brown Vinyl

Blue paint (I used old house paint, but acrylic is what I normally would have used)

Paint Brush

Sure Cuts A Lot


Transfer Tape


Mod Podge

Step By Step Process

1. I used some paint I had left over from my house to paint the board blue

2. While I waited for it to dry, I created my design on Sure Cuts A Lot. I used Gisel Script font and the cute little chick is from BeaOriginal  She has several files you can download for free or purchase. It is a great site!

3. I used my cricut to cut out the vinyl and used transfer tape to place the vinyl on the dried board. That stuff is a BIG time saver!

4. I sealed the whole design with Mod Podge to keep it all glued down and added some ribbon to the back.

You can hang this sign on your front door or on the wall outside your precious ones room or give as a gift for a baby shower!.

AllyBally's Variations and Tips:

If you do not have a cutting machine or Sure Cuts A Lot you could make this with stamps, stickers, or hand painting it

Ally Bally's Project Rating:

I would rate this project a 5. Not very difficult except getting the vinyl to transfer and stick. That is the one I wish I did not have to do. It was fun putting together the little chick though!

Thank You AllyBally Designs for the insight to your genious!

For more AllyBally Designs visit her blog at:

Or go Shopping at her online Etsy store:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Guest Blogger and Crafter Extraordinaire: Allison Meeks of AllyBally Designs!

We have the great privilage this week of getting a How-To on a specail AllyBallyDesign!!!  She will be posting her guest blog September 28, this Wednesday!  She not only sells amazing designs and crafts, but is kind enough to share with us how she makes her crafts!  She has her own online store as well as a blog about her crafts.  We thank her so much for giving us these steps as normally she only sells her amazingly adorable crafts.  Can you tell I love the crafts much?

While my crafts usually are from cardboard boxes, hers have a design that is refined and clean. Each one of her designs is a great decorative touch for any home or a one of a kind gift!  I'll stop gushing with excitement and introduce Mrs. Allison!

          I am a school counselor who likes crafting for fun. I like to make things instead of buy them and enjoy giving personalized gifts. Unfortunately, I have the same problem as my husband in thinking that a project should take an hour when it takes 5 hours. Often times I am staying up way to late before a party or wedding trying to get a present done that I thought I would have finished hours ago.
          I love my two dogs an unreasonable amount, they are my babies for now. I love the outdoors and traveling. Last year I went on a six week road trip from Washington state to the Florida Keys. It was one of the best experiences in my life. Lastly I am a Christian and strive to let Christ be the center of my life in all I do. Christmas is my favorite Holiday. I LOVE being silly. And I get super cranky if I am hungry!

Don't forget to visit back on Wednesday, September 28!!!!

For more on AllyBally Designs click on the button attached!

To visit AllyBally Designs on Etsy click below!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baby Food Update!

If your making your own baby food off of the baby food blog here is a suggested update for you!  As your child ages and moves into the next phase simply blend less!  Don't fully puree the food.  Use the pulse button and get the food down to baby size chunks or smaller.  Basically dime size or smaller.  You can do things as the kids get more teeth like steaming peas to a place where they practically fall apart with any pressure and put the whole peas in the blended carrots.

Start mixing flavors that are enjoyed and don't be afraid to add some tofu to start the digestive tract on high protein development.  This can help when it comes time to introduce meats.  Tofu is bland and tends to take on whatever it's cook with flavor.  Use the same seasons that were listed in the previous post located here:  Be creative, maybe boil spaghetti, but instead of long noodles take the time to break it down to lengths that are the with of your baby's little finger or smaller.  Add this to any squash, tomato, or favorite food blend for a carb boost.  Using a small amount of spaghetti bits can also be a good way to test your babies digestion.  Many babies are not able to digest gluten and need a supplement.  Don't add anything new to the babies diet when trying this for 3-4 days.  It will give a more accurate reaction, if their is any. 

Do not start fish earlier than age 1!  Fish can be started at between 1 and 2 years of age(some say wait until age 3), only an ounce a week and then no bottom/garbage eaters as they are more likely to have high levels of Mercury. Keep it high protein, think Salmon.  Some good starter fishes are: Flounder, Haddock, Cod, and Sole (watch out for bones!).  A good site for information regarding fish is:  The only thing that I don't agree with that they state is that tuna is alright.  Tuna tends to eat everything and their Mercury levels can be higher that the other fish I listed. Remember fish has a high allergic reaction in babies, always start small and test for 3 days in case of a delayed reaction due to digestion time.  Just because swimming fish are fine, don't assume shell fish are alright, with anything new always test with the 3 day rule! 

Updating your babies diet depends on a lot of factors, age, allergic reactions of the past, any diagnosed issues that may affect digestion or eating, babies interest in eating, how many teeth the baby has (don't give anything chunky to a baby with no or only 2 teeth), and if you feel its time.  Have fun and be creative while you nuture your little foodie's palate!



Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A gift that fits perfectally!

Sometimes we find ourselves not finding that perfect gift, so I say make it yourself!  Recently, my family was invited to my cousin’s wedding, being far away we couldn’t attend in person.  We could however send our love and congrats in the mail!  So, I started looking, and looking, and looking and couldn’t find that perfect gift!  Not knowing what to do I start thinking about the couple?  They love to go to the river, have family BBQ’s, had a wild streak, and as my cousin recently stated he loves food.  The perfect gift was personalized Aprons!!!!

You can either make an Apron yourself or get a plan one from the store. For time, I got plan ones from the store.  I found some cute Applica words to put on and made some utensil holders for the front.  I ironed on the Applica’s then stitched them to ensure they won’t some off with use or washing as iron on’s can tend to do. For the utensil loops I took 1 inch thick elastic about 3 inches long and made a loop.  I placed the loop on the apron at the desired spot and stitched it on going down one side moving over half an inch, then up the other side to secure the loop.  I put 4 loops on the front in a line.  Lastly, I added some BBQ utensils to help them get their Grill On! 

You can sew on bottle openers, different size loops for different utensils, chains for looks, or you can use fabric paint if you’re skilled in that area and paint a special message or cartoon for added touch!  Make this their own.  For hers, I added bows, ruffles, loops (plus cooking spoons), and sewed on Applica’s for flare!  In the end you have a personalized gift that they will love and use!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bead Me!

The kids are always interested in creating, making, and exploring.  Some days are busy and a long or elaborate craft just isn’t in the cards.  In this moment I think up old favorites from my childhood.  In this case I stole from summer camp and brought out the beads! 

You need:

Beads assorted or one color
A button (optional)

Be very careful as loose beads are a choking hazard!  Never leave the kids unattended or a bead accounted for as dogs and children alike can swallow them!  Each kid got to pick 2-3 colors and their own color of string.  Then I taped one end of string to the table to avoid beads on the floor. I showed them how to put a bead on the string and let them have at it.  We talked about the design they were making, about patterns, what colors they choose, and where they would wear the necklace.  Once they were done threading I thread both ends threw the button and tied it off. The button helps keep the tied end from hiding under beads in case you need to change the length or untie the necklace for any reason.

The stories, reasons, and simple statements they made were ingenious and hilarious.  Isn’t it funny how a simple craft can create hours of fun and moments to share with them down the road when they are older.   I enjoyed this so much that I made it into part of a kid’s gift.  I put beads in a plastic jar, string on the top with a button and closed the lid.  I made a label saying necklace kit.  You can decorate the jar or add charms to the kit if you want.  In closing, sometimes the best idea’s are ones we have already had or done, but have forgotten about.  Looking at something in a new light or remembering something you enjoyed as a kid is sometimes the best and easiest way to find a great way to make memories with your own kids.  Ideas are everywhere and only we can open our eyes to see them!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Test Run your Potential Replacement Parents!

This may seem morbid or maybe it just never crossed your mind, but do you have your will set up with stipulations on who takes care of the kids and pets? Have you asked these people if they would be able to and willing to take on the parent role? There are so many movies out there of people left children who had no idea they were in line to be a parent or who agreed ages ago never thinking it would happen and forgot; this got me thinking. So, we sat down many times to figure out who would be first, second, and third in line for the role of parent should anything happen.

Next, approaching these choices to get their opinion on being a replacement parent. This led me to my next dilemma, people are willing to accept this role immediately, but are they really ready and understanding of what that means? So, why not give yourself a break and them a taste of what they are agreeing to take on. I don't know about you, but I surely don't want my last thought to be I hope, so and so, are ready! Please let everyone (kids, dogs, and people taking them on) be OK! I suggest when you approach your first choice (doing this with all choices is up to you and remember down the road you may switch or need to update these choices so you may not need to test all of your picks) ask them to do a test run. Test running your replacement!??!!! I know many of you are probably thinking the word, "WHAT" or "HUH", about now. Think about it this way, in giving your kids to someone you are willing to leave them with upon your death for 2 nights and 3 days you are giving them a fair look at what their lives will become and allowing yourself to know if your choice was a good one.

Make sure to have the medical records and all the things needed for the kids supplied/rented/or somehow already at their home. Give them an outline of the typical day, issues (biting, opening drawers, saying no to everything, or whatever else your child is currently exhibiting), your child’s favorite foods, foods that won't be eaten, how you discipline, favorite activities, how they sleep, bathing schedule, and sleeping schedule. Once you've made this, just updated it as time goes by and things change saving it on your computer in case something happens for an easier transition. Now is the hard part, leave. Go on a mini-break with your hubby, dog, friend, or whatever your situation. Keep your phone on at all times, but other than a text check in call after the kids should be down for the night to allow for proper adjustment by the kids. The kids will remember you when you get back, but you want to limit the potential for additional issues by the kids being reminded of your absence. They will cry at first, they will still ask for you at times, but they and the potential parents need to figure out how they work without you.

The goal after all is to make sure the potential parents really want to change their lives so radically if something happened to you, if their lives can even fit this massive undertaking, and if they want to leave their previous fun/give the baby back when poopy roles for the harder role of a replacement parent. Secondary goal is to see if you really do trust and feel comfortable with the choice. You may be surprised by anxiety or fear you feel during the separation. Lastly, is this a good fit? You may not have many options you feel comfortable with and thus your choices limited, but you want to make sure the kids would continued to be disciplined in a familiar way to the kids and that they would respond to their new parental figures.

Enjoy your trip as you don't get many without the kids! When you get back the kids will be clingy because they missed you, but if they are still comfortable, uninjured, seemingly happy, and other than a potential disruption in sleep or eating due to adjusting to your absence and return than you can now put your will together with the knowledge that both you and the potential replacement parents fully understand what will happen and that it will work out fine. Now, your last thought can be (should that moment come before planned) "I love you family and will always watch over you, knowing you are safe and loved."

I realize this is morbid and we don't want to think about it, but we owe our children the preparedness and planning to ensure they will continue to be raised the way we intend with their best interest at heart by people willing and aware of what that means for the kids and their own lives. In closing, we never know where life will take us or when it will end, but we can plan to make the lives of those around us easier by organizing our desires and expressing our will clearly with thorough planning. Have fun in the time you have and as a parent plan for the time you’re gone so your children don't have to worry past getting through any grief and holding on to the happy memories you create while you’re here!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hands Off My Cart!

So, I recently took a ten day vacation with the family up to Colorado to see my sister and then the hubby and I took a mini-cation through Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota. I'll blog more about that later.
When we got home late Sunday night it meant that I would have to do a large grocery shop the following weekend. So, yesterday I set out to a few different stores. My husband had already done a Costco run for us, so I was hitting up the perishable items we needed plus some great deals.

One of the deals I found was at Albertsons for some meat. They had a buy one get 2 free on some pork ribs plus a few different buy one get one on the sirlon, some fish, chicken, and kabobs. I went for the buy 1 get 2 first knowing that those deals get picked fast and to my luck their were exactly 3 left!! I excitedly picked them up stoked about getting the great deal and not needing to sit in line for a raincheck. I went to get some of the buy 1 get 1 when the unthinkable happened. As I stopped my cart to grab some sirlon, mind you my other groceries and purse in the cart, someone walks up and reaches in my cart to grab the ribs!!! Are You Kidding me! (which is actually what I exclaimed) Who in their right mind walks up to someone elses cart who is still holding onto it with their stuff in it and just helps themselves. If it were a cart with no one around or even in the isle, a sign on it for a deal, or even sitting next to a worker who is obviously shelving it I may be able to understand a mistake, but to go to anothers cart obviously in use?!! So, I said to them, "What are you thinking, that is in my cart, obviously been claimed, and I'm not doing your shopping or holding your items for you, these are what I'm buying! I can't imagine that you were raised by anyone who would teach you to be so rude, inconsiderate, selfish, and ignorant and if they were here you'd be in a heep of trouble and they would be ashamed of your incredible stupidity! Put it back now and find your manners!" The ribs were dropped, more out of shock I expect, and I huffed away! It's one thing when two people reach for something and a disagreement over who got what first ensues, but it's something else to take something from someone elses pile/cart/or complementary shopping bag. I can't help but feel saddened as a mom that anyone in this world would think this is alright. You're not entitle to what I've worked for, your not entitled to what I have (get your own), and your not entitled to take anything from my cart!

Sorry for the rant, but this was exactly the reason that I believe in teaching our kids manners, right and wrong, and that you have to work for anything worth having and those that don't deserve the nothing that they get! I'm sure many of you have had similar stories of the pandemic of rude that we seem to be experiencing and thank you for reading my exclamation of frustration. Seriously, though who does that?


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