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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hands Off My Cart!

So, I recently took a ten day vacation with the family up to Colorado to see my sister and then the hubby and I took a mini-cation through Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota. I'll blog more about that later.
When we got home late Sunday night it meant that I would have to do a large grocery shop the following weekend. So, yesterday I set out to a few different stores. My husband had already done a Costco run for us, so I was hitting up the perishable items we needed plus some great deals.

One of the deals I found was at Albertsons for some meat. They had a buy one get 2 free on some pork ribs plus a few different buy one get one on the sirlon, some fish, chicken, and kabobs. I went for the buy 1 get 2 first knowing that those deals get picked fast and to my luck their were exactly 3 left!! I excitedly picked them up stoked about getting the great deal and not needing to sit in line for a raincheck. I went to get some of the buy 1 get 1 when the unthinkable happened. As I stopped my cart to grab some sirlon, mind you my other groceries and purse in the cart, someone walks up and reaches in my cart to grab the ribs!!! Are You Kidding me! (which is actually what I exclaimed) Who in their right mind walks up to someone elses cart who is still holding onto it with their stuff in it and just helps themselves. If it were a cart with no one around or even in the isle, a sign on it for a deal, or even sitting next to a worker who is obviously shelving it I may be able to understand a mistake, but to go to anothers cart obviously in use?!! So, I said to them, "What are you thinking, that is in my cart, obviously been claimed, and I'm not doing your shopping or holding your items for you, these are what I'm buying! I can't imagine that you were raised by anyone who would teach you to be so rude, inconsiderate, selfish, and ignorant and if they were here you'd be in a heep of trouble and they would be ashamed of your incredible stupidity! Put it back now and find your manners!" The ribs were dropped, more out of shock I expect, and I huffed away! It's one thing when two people reach for something and a disagreement over who got what first ensues, but it's something else to take something from someone elses pile/cart/or complementary shopping bag. I can't help but feel saddened as a mom that anyone in this world would think this is alright. You're not entitle to what I've worked for, your not entitled to what I have (get your own), and your not entitled to take anything from my cart!

Sorry for the rant, but this was exactly the reason that I believe in teaching our kids manners, right and wrong, and that you have to work for anything worth having and those that don't deserve the nothing that they get! I'm sure many of you have had similar stories of the pandemic of rude that we seem to be experiencing and thank you for reading my exclamation of frustration. Seriously, though who does that?



  1. Great job being able to find the right words in that situation! I can't even imagine the nerve they must have to think that was O.K.

  2. I'm a new reader, found you on momnbaby. I love this story, too funny! Go you!

  3. I will admit that in order to find the right words I had to think that I was speaking to a child. This way I didn't let my annoyance rule my verbage. I'm not sure if its the area that I live in, but this isn't the first time that something like this has happened. I can't decide if its an unfortunate affect of people not disciplining like they used to or just the area itself. Thanks for the comments, glad you enjoyed the blog!

  4. OMG...does anyone really do that??!! seriously? so shameless!!...I like the way you wrote it though, can read your frustation and somehow I feel like slapping that person myself LOL ...anyway, just stopping by from MBS, thank you for following Cutecoconut, am on my way to Alexa for a review..great site!

  5. I was thinking the same thing, who does this!? LOL, I'm glad that I wasn't alone in my desire to reach out and touch this person. Thanks for stopping by and the review!


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