Google+ Mommy Moments with Abby: December 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

Ellore Femme Hair Chalk Coupon Code!

This season go all out for those holiday photo's!  Grab the ugly sweater, pull out your crimp-er and chalk up your hair to match the sweater!  You'll be the life of the party.  If you don't know what Hair Chalk is, then prepare yourself for amazingness! 

Babo Botanicals Coupon Code

Check out these great products for babies, new moms, kids, and the whole family!  Organic for your sanity with a great coupon code for your wallet!  Check out this great coupon code!  

Thursday, December 12, 2013 Review

It's the holiday season and what is our go to gift for those hard to ship for, far away, or with little suitcase room?  Gift Cards!  Now, I love gift cards, but sometimes you can end up giving or getting a gift card that you will never use and know it.  Maybe the store isn't near you or it's just not something you will end up getting time to go use, whatever the reason, sometimes a gift card can end up just sitting there.  Nothing bother's me more than a wasted gift, but there are ways to change a gift that would normally be unused into something practical.  

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pinecone Ornament

Sometimes, putting the pine-cones back on a tree is a great idea! I love getting the kids involved and making the home more colorful with something out of their own mind!  So, we went out and gathered some lonely fallen pine-cones to take home.  The kids loved rescuing the fallen pine-cones.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Miracle Ear

You may have seen the television and magazine ads for a tiny device that fits inside the ear and helps you hear better, but what exactly is Miracle Ear and how does it work? Miracle ear is a digital hearing aid that is currently manufactured by M-E Manufacturing and Services, Inc., which is a division of Seimens Medical Solutions. The was originally created by Dalhberg, Inc around 1948, and though the company has changed hands several times, the product remains essentially the same. Under the directorship of MEMSI, the company no longer manufactures the product; it is a supplier selling a re-branded line of Seimens' hearing aids and other devices. The company is is registered with the BBB, and currently has an A+ rating with that organization. The company offers customers a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee, a three-year warranty and life-time care package, which includes free hearing aid checks and cleanings. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Skinnaturals Review

I hate shopping for skin products, there are so many choices.  Then, having to find something natural means standing in the skin section reading labels forever, and I just don't have that kind of time. Probably why I look for these things online.

Hair Metal Goes Lullaby Review

Sometimes putting the kids to sleep seems to make me more tired then them.  I need something to help my brain stay awake while soothing them and creating a calm environment.  

WEXY Snack Bags

My kids are the worst eaters sometimes.  My  son is better than my daughter, but he sometimes follows her picky eater lead.  I'm always looking for ways to help encourage them to eat.  From hiding things in food to making the food look like a spider or other fun thing, a mom has to bring out all the stops to encourage good eating for your kids.

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