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I have 3 furbabies whom I love very much! Here I will from time to time post great deals on items we can all use for our furbabies and experiences I have being a furbaby mom! Let me introduce my furbabies!
Blaze was my husbands furbaby and became mine when I married his dad. He is my youngest and the baby of our pack. He is a Catahooa (Louisianna Swamp Dog) mix. He is a rescue, like all our furbabies. He is a big scaredy-cat, has even yelped and ran when he has farted before! He loves to cuddle and get his chin scratched!

Denali was my dog from 8 weeks on! He is a little(understatement)obsessive and not the brightest, but he loves to get scratched and would play football with his dad forever if we allowed him too! He is a rescue! He is our middle child who loves to get things started with his brothers even if he isn't too interested in finishing them! He loves belly rubs and laying on legs!

Gizmo was our old man! He left us for the Rainbow Bridge in 2017 and we still miss him dearly.  He was the leader of our pack as the eldest of our furbabies! He was the hunter of the pack, but unless their was a deer, cat, or other woodland creature would rather just walk along or lay in the sun than run. He enjoyed small bursts of roughhousing with his brothers and wasn't afraid to bark his orders as eldest when they get out of line. He would also allow the middle furbaby to cuddle up next to him at night and during naps during the day.  Gizmo allowed the human children to learn how to respect and treat a dog only ever giving a low grumble and then getting up to move if someone hadn't learned how to pet softly, teaching them how to be better dog owners in the process.  He would check on you when you were sad and lick away your tears.  Despite how hot he would get he always tried to cuddle up with mom at night for at least a few minutes.  He loved scratches under the collar, fried chicken, homemade cookies, and snuggling with mom!  He loved this family unconditionally and was loved unconditionally back.

Just because they have fur doesn't mean they aren't your baby

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