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I have 3 furbabies whom I love very much! Here I will from time to time post great deals on items we can all use for our furbabies and experiences I have being a furbaby mom! Let me introduce my furbabies!
Blaze was my husbands furbaby and became mine when I married his dad. He is my youngest and the baby of our pack. He is a Catahooa (Louisianna Swamp Dog) mix. He is a rescue, like all our furbabies. He is a big scaredy-cat, has even yelped and ran when he has farted before! He loves to cuddle and get his chin scratched!

Denali was my dog from 8 weeks on! He is a little(understatement)obsessive and not the brightest, but he loves to get scratched and would play football with his dad forever if we allowed him too! He is a rescue! He is our middle child who loves to get things started with his brothers even if he isn't too interested in finishing them! He loves belly rubs and laying on legs!

Gizmo is our old man! He is the eldest of our furbabies! He is the hunter of the pack, but unless their is a deer, cat, or other woodland creature would rather just walk along or lay in the sun than run. He enjoys small bursts of roughhousing with his brothers and isn't afraid to bark his orders as eldest when they get out of line. He loves scratches under the collar and snuggling with mom!

August 13, 2013-Blaze

We had to switch Blazes Valley Fever meds due to an insane sudden price hike.  We had him on Fluconazole and it went from $12.00 to $175.00!  He seems to be doing alright on it, but we have him scheduled for further liver tests in September.

November 7 2011-Blaze

Blaze had his stitches out today and is looking great!  The doctor found the lump was all fat, which is good!  He did very well letting them take out his stitches and when he was done, my daughter gave him a big hug and a pet.  During the stitches being removed she told the vet, "No, my blaze",  I think she thought he was being hurt and she was trying to protect her puppy!  He had a great time getting to ride in the front seat with his head out the window!  This is a rare treat since normally their are 2 other dogs and to keep things fair they all sit in the back.  Thankfully he is good healthy and free to be scared of his farts once again!

October 28 2011-Blaze

The youngest furbaby had surgery today!  He is only 4 and yet we found a lump above his right front shoulder about 6 months ago, we had a needle biopsy done revealing it was fat.  Then, on Saturday the vet recommended it be removed.  Why, you ask, well it went from being a pea size to being between a macademian nut and a quarter in size!  Because of it's growth, removing it early is the best option. 

There are many different reasons why fatty lymphoma's grow in dogs: they are covering cancer, or they are being fed by a blood vessel (this can be costly depending on how entangled the vessel is in the fat), or three unknown.  Being as usually dogs hit 6 before having this issues(not a hard rule just a general one) we worried about our youngest having one.  Unsure of how he'd handle the surgery one of us had to be there in case there was an issue or problem.  Luckily he took it like a champ and it was just a ball of fat growing for no known reason!  He is in recovery and other than needing to be sleeping next to me all night and waking up a few times, he is coping well with the pain meds and getting back to my scaredy cat pup that I love!  I will breath better when he is fully healed, but sigh with relief now that he it is gone and he is OK!

Just because they have fur doesn't mean they aren't your baby

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