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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Give me a Wink!

I have been trying to find mom looks and one thing that can brighten my day or at least help me look like I'm not completely sleep deprived is eyeshadow.  Seriously, giving a little care and attention to the eye can help hide those bags under it.  The trick is to find a kit that has enough choices for day, night, and mid-day lunches.  Next trick, not destroying my wallet.

Halloween Mall Review and Giveaway

It is coming time for the Holiday season and time for us mom's to start planning for those holidays!  I was asked to review and figured I would check it out to see how it could help me plan for this Halloween!  Check out what I had to say!

Puppet Theater

 Some days it is just to hot to go outside, so what do you do with a bunch of toddlers, preschoolers, and babies?  You get creative or you go crazy!  I had a large thin box that hadn't yet made it to the recycle bin yet so with a thought and a box we started down the path of imagination!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Power Wheels Jeep Giveaway Event!

Hers or His Power Wheels Jeep Event

Hosted by: Mom Blog Society
Event Giveaway Dates: July 30 - August 13
Prize: Fisher Price Power Wheels Jeep- His or Hers
Open: Worldwide
If a winner is selected from outside of the US, they will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate
Is your little one ready to cruise into this school year?  

Simple Addiction Giveaway

This AWESOME Event is hosted by Mom Does Reviews and Sponsored by Simple Addiction

Do you have an addiction? Maybe it's crafting, maybe its shopping, maybe it's making jewerly, satisfy your addiction at Simple Addiction! 

Back 2 School Blast Giveaway!

Welcome to the Back 2 School Blast hosted by Mom Powered Media.

Are you ready to go back to school? Are you ready for the kids to go back to school?  

Five lucky winners will each receive one of the following prizes:
  • Laptop Sony Vaio E-Series Laptop
  • $100 American Eagle Gift Card
  • $100 Aeropostale Gift Card
  • $100 Gap Gift Card
  • $100 Target Gift Card

Sunday, July 29, 2012

KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway

Mom Blog Society Presents the KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer Giveaway Event!

Prize Sponsored by: American Family

Open to US Residents 18 years of age and over

Mom Blog Society: A Bloggers Network- bringing Brands and Bloggers together from around the world

Friday, July 27, 2012

June 16 2012 Varied Bunting Hunting

We heard the Varied Bunting was seen in Madera Canyon.  Like any good birders we set the alarms for way too early, prepped all the dog and baby items and on the morning of June 16, 2012 headed out to Madera Canyon.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tell me with your eyes!

Every once and a while, I scroll through to see what is new in the world of healthcare.  Call it a homage to my career before the daycare.  Usually, what I find is depressing and the same old round the barrell arguments switching back and forth on what will work, but today I saw an article that really had me excited!  What if someone you loved was paralyzed and trapped inside themselves?  Would you want to know what they were thinking?

Simple Addiction Blogger Sign up!

This is a free blogger event hosted by Mom Does Reviews. You will receive a Facebook Fan Page LInk at no cost as a thank you for posting and promoting this fun event! Mommy Moments with Abby signed up and would love her blog friends to join her!
Prize: $50 GC to Simple Addiction Boutique

Bubble Ride CD Review

I love music and the kids love it too!  I have found that with a song you can teach a kid a lot from the alphabet to self-esteem, a song can help a child understand.  For this reason I love to review and pass on the good kid CD's that I find. Check out my latest review for the Bubble Ride CD by Vanessa Trien and the Jumping Monkeys.

SAVE with the San Antonio Vacation Experience

This post brought to you by SAVE . All opinions are 100% mine.

Alamo04.jpgIt's summer and I'm constantly trying to think of close vacation spots for the family.  Being birders, naturally the thought of Texas has crossed my mind as it's a birding hotspot.  Plus, I lived there for a few years as a kid and am always curious on what has changed. So, my first stop in looking at Texas was my old childhood playground of San Antonio, Texas.  They have a program called SAVE – San Antonio Vacation Experience.  Who doesn't like to save, right?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sunflower-Day of the Raptor

In May we took a day outing to Sunflower, AZ.  Sunflower, AZ has a large portion of an old highway that is blocked off which makes the perfect place to take a stroller or let some babies run.  If you are a birder it was the day of the raptor!  

Bay Area Mommy's Diamond Fire Anniversary Giveaway!

Bay Area Mommy
Bay Area Mommy is celebrating her 1st blog anniversary with a giveaway for a Kindle Fire (or $200 Amazon gift card) and 2 Diamond Candles. Kindle Fire is open worldwide but the 2 Diamond Candles is restricted to the US only since they don't ship outside the US. Mommy Moments with Abby is happy to help her celebrate by offering this awesome giveaway to you my readers!  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Grand Finale of HipSwap Giveaway!

Welcome to Our Grand Finale of
"Win This Bag"
Sponsored by
Hosted by
Sidetracked Mom’s Blog
Mommy Moments with Abby is so excited that it's finally here! The Grand Finale of the Win This Bag series of giveaways is here!! We've combined weeks 5 and 6 into a two-week long giveaway giving you the double the opportunity to increase your odds of winning by completing the daily bonus entries! Ah! Can you say Chanel! I can't right now without screaming!  I love the classic looks of Chanel, Ah!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Get your words noticed! #goastrobrights

This post brought to you by Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper. All opinions are 100% mine.
We all have something to say.  Sometimes getting others to read what we write can be tricky.  Whether it be school event notices given out at the PTA meetings, garage sale notices, babysitter flyers, or directions to the board room the standard white with black words just doesn't always cut it!  Thats when you have to add a little color to what you are saying!

Sun Burnt After Sun Relief Review

I recently went on a birding bananza with the hubby in southern AZ and even though I used sunscreen the sun always does damage to a persons skin.  I didn't get a full burn just a few pink spots from sitting in one area without re-application from time to time. Pink or red I needed some treatment for sunburns.  So, like any aging woman I needed some after-sun care to help ward off wrinkles and other skin issues.

Just Eyewear Review and Giveaway

It's bright in the summertime and finding a good pair of sunglasses isn't as simple as walking through the mall.  Sure you can grab some from any kiosk, but chances are they won't protect your eyes while giving you style.  If you have a prescription it can be even harder to get style and function in one.  Keeping that in mind, check out my new shades!

Kendall GelThortics Review and Giveaway

My husband recently received orthodontics and they helped his back pain out significantly.  So, when I had the chance to test out Kendall GelThotics for 3 weeks I was excited at the chance for some relief of my own.  I accepted and gave them my shoe size.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

OASAP High Street Fashion Review and Giveaway

I love clothes, purses, shoes, all of it, but when I became a mom my fashion choices narrowed, a lot.  My body had changed so nothing fit and I now needed to make more mom choices in what I wore than recently married and trying to impress the hubby choices.  I made the switch many of us do to sweats and work out clothes.  It's fine at first but eventually you get to feeling unattractive, so with the support of the hubby I have slowly been seeking cute mom-wear.  Luck for me, I'm a blogger and sometimes your answers come to you.  In my case it was in the form of OASAP.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A look for everyone with #Revlon!

This post brought to you by Revlon. All opinions are 100% mine.
The Revlon Expression Experiment was delivered to my door just in time for me to give myself a saucy new summer look!  The review kit included enough for me to make looks for a variety of events from day to day to a few fun date night looks!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Clipa Review

I am a huge bag hag.  I love all the different kinds of bags out there and sometimes a look can be completed or created by adding the right bag.  So, what can I complain about?  How about what you set your bag in when you go out?  I hate when I go out and have to set my bag down.  Not only am I paranoid someone is going to grab it, but I have ran out of leather cleaner and potentially rub the leather dye off of the bad itself because of the dropped food, spit, whatever is on peoples shoes, and lord knows what else is on the ground we set our bags on.  I think this made the perfect person to review the Clipa.

Zuo Bar Stool Giveaway Event Blogger Sign-up

This giveaway is for 4 Zuo Bar Stools with a retail value of $1600! We are cutting this one off at around 150 bloggers. The giveaway will begin on July 23rd at 12:01am and ends on August 14th at 11:59pm. Mommy Moments with Abby is signing up! What a perfect giveaway to gear the home up for the entertaining holiday seasons!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hip Swap Week #4 Gucci Giveaway!

PhotobucketWelcome to Week #4 of
Win This Bag
Brought to you by
Hosted by
Sidetracked Mom’s Blog
with help from Mommy Moments with Abby

“Win This Bag” is a 6-week event that will feature 6 weekly giveaways.There will be one designer handbag given away every week!Each bag will be an authentic, recognizable designer brand such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Coach, or Fendi.Our 6th week will feature a highly coveted designer handbag and you will have the option to claim bonus entries for each of the 5 weekly “Win This Bag” giveaways you entered leading up to this grand finale!So, enter each weekly giveaway to increase your odds of winning!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Potty Cover Giveaway!

I reviewed this product before and as a mom with a toddler who may have taken a Microbiology class that created a slight paranoid reaction to toilets is always worried about where we will have our little Potty Trainer sitting if we leave the house.  As many of you know we were out in the middle of no where last week to check out Southern Arizona and find some birds.  You can imagine my thrill at her little bottom on the port-a-potty seats.  Luckily, I have a stash of Potty Covers in my bag!  I love these so much and they have been great for not only her bottom but mine that we are giving more away!  Check out our giveaway! 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Xbox Kinect Bundle Giveaway

Mommy Moments with Abby loves to play video games!  Why not get active while doing it?  We are happy to offer our readers this giveaway!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cat's Pajama's Cd Review and Giveaway

I happen to be allergic to Cats.  Lucky for me, the CD I reviewed for Cat's Pajama's only required I listened to these Jazzy Cats and not that I pet them!  Check out what I thought of this Cat's CD called Backseat Driver:

Hullabaloo-Raise a Ruckus CD Review and Giveaway

Kid's love and learn to music.  Sometimes finding songs or beats that the kids pay attention to can be another issue.  For this reason I can sometimes go through a few CD's before finding some to post about.  Check out my thoughts on Hullabaloo's Raise a Ruckus:

In Tents CD Review and Giveaway

My life is a circus.  I run a blog, am one of the minority owners of Mom Blog Society, run a daycare, run a household, and try to be an amazing wife.  Yep, got the full 3 rings going on in this household.  Why not add a little circus music to at least make it so you can dance through the insanity!  Check out my review of Recess Monkey's "In Tents" CD:

Someone Else's Shoes CD Review and Giveaway

Many of you know that I loved the La Bella Stella CD I reviewed produced by Recess Music.  Lucky for me they are allowing me to review another of their fun CD's!  Check out what I have to say about this one!

Mom Blog Society Kitchen Aid Giveaway Event Sign Up!

Mom Blog Society and American Family teamed up for this awesome giveaway!  
We know our readers would love to win a KitchenAid Mixer (we polled them) and we know yours would love one too!  Sign up to be a part of this giveaway! 

Cotton Age Review and Giveaway

Who loves T-shirts?  They go perfect with jeans, skirts, and most everything.  Better yet you can even get them to say whatever you want them to say.  That however can cost a fortune, but if you are savy and frugal you can find great sites online that are cheap!

Wordless Wednesday

What a perfect day for a Wordless Wednesday?  Share your Wordless Wednesday Posts and comment a Happy 4th to everyone else!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Taylor Joelle Designs Review and Giveaway

Why are little girl clothes so adorable?  I was lucky enough to get to review some fun pants or bloomers designed by Taylor Joelle Designs.  Here is what I thought of these pants:

Maxima Anti-Aging Review

Ah, the fight against Anti-Aging!  We work so hard to prevent aging on our skin and while the stars can afford 200.00 bottles of face scrub I can not.  So, I look for alternatives for both me and you, my readers!  Check out my thoughts on Maxima Skin Products:

Bee All Natural Review and Giveaway

Where are my organic mom's?  For those of you who like to use organic products and cloth diapers, I love to test products for you.  I have a great line of products for you to try. Check out my review of Bee All Natural's Diaper Rash Salve and their Intense Hand and Foot Salve.

My Hikes Pant Cuff Fastener Review and Giveaway

Why is it so hard to move a child up in clothing size once they hit the age of one?  My kids were all either on track or big for their age and so when I got to one I expected to to track along the same way.  When my daughter hit one she became a little bit of a thing.  My son who recently hit one is already in size 2 but not quite tall enough for the clothes so he trips a lot.  Check out what I think of the My Hikes Pant Cuff Fastener:

Tri-Light Health Giveaway and Review

 A lot of mom's out there are looking to natural solutions to their medical issues.  More and more we turn to herbal remedies.  I know many of my readers are like this and like to check out products for them from time to time.  Check out my review of Tri-Light Health's Circulatone and Female Formula products.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Cureology Serenity Illumination Shine Review

Sometimes a mom's hair looks flat or her color looses it's umph and needs a little something to bring it back.  I have found that using a shine product can be a quick way to add some life into a hairstyle.  I love using shine for those classic non-messy up-dues as I feel it gives the hair a more healthy look.  Check out my thoughts on Cureology's Serenity Illumination Shine:

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