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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sunflower-Day of the Raptor

In May we took a day outing to Sunflower, AZ.  Sunflower, AZ has a large portion of an old highway that is blocked off which makes the perfect place to take a stroller or let some babies run.  If you are a birder it was the day of the raptor!  

First raptor of the day was the American Kestrel in a tree off to the left when we first pulled off the highway.

The next bird spotted wasn't a raptor, but still a pretty cool bird, it was a Bullock's Oriole, can you find him?
Our Next Raptor of the day was the Common Black Hawk, which in this area isn't as common as it's name would have you believe.
These next shots, I call a "Missed Opportunity", can you tell why?

What was really cool about the Common Black Hawk sighting was that it had a nest of hungry babies!  Here are some shots of it with a lizard for it's young.

The Cooper's Hawk was our third raptor for the day, can you find him?  For as big as they are they blend in well!
Female Summer Tanager bouncing around in the tree's!
Our next awesome sighting for this trip was the Violet-Green Sparrow.  Check out these shots!

 Our Final Raptor of the trip was the Zone-Tailed Hawk who was yelling at us from a far.  
 Now for the rare birds out of my nest who had a blast exploring the abandon road and keeping mom's running pants in use! Like any mom, I have to post a few of my babies both human and fur to visually brag about those I've dedicated my life too!  Check out our fun! And now for my little Raptors!

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