Google+ Mommy Moments with Abby: May 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

NeeBooFit Resistance Loop Bands

 I have been trying and failing at my New Years resolution to loose weight.  I have had a ton on my plate and little to no time to focus on working out.  But I have to push forward and make it happen for myself and my kids.  So, since weights aren't something one can toss in a purse or bag for those moments while the kids are at karate or dance class I needed to find a solution that would help make every move count.

2 Glow Stick Bracelets 100 Bracelet's Review

 In some places the kids end up cooped up inside due to rainy days, in Arizona they get cooped up inside because of the extreme heat.  Leaving us parents to try to figure out ways to entertain them while they are stuck inside.  We like to have little "parties".  Anything can be made into a party; movie party, popcorn party, dance party.  The only challenge is how to make whatever you are doing special so it becomes a party for the kids.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Individually Wrapped Hand Sanitizing Wipes Review

 Running a Daycare is a messy job.  I'm always wiping someone or something and still everything seems to end up sticky?  All parents can relate to this since being sticky seems to just be a constant state for a kid to be in and if you add more kid's to the mix then the stickiness seems to spread.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Vinium Bottle Stopper Review

I'm on a budget, so I buy cheap wine.  I would love to get the good stuff, but let's face it when it comes down to spending more on wine or getting the better formula or other baby/kid item the baby/kid item wins every time.  So, I'm always looking for ways to make what I can afford taste more like the good stuff, or in the least preserve the flavor it does have when I first open it!

We are Born Wild's Amber Teething Necklace Review

Is their anything worse than a teething baby?  How about a teething baby who has a double ear infection?  How about a very aware teething baby with a double ear infection who may or may not be a little spoiled by all the cuddles from the bigger kids and mommy in his life?  Yeah, to a degree I created a bit of a monster, but on the other side their are things that I just can't control.  Like, the pain from cutting teeth and the pain of a double ear infection.   My little normally happy guy has been having some rough nights and this mommy is tired!

Francois et Mimi Multi-Compartment Bento Box Review

I hate packing a lunch for pretty much anything.  I'm constantly trying to find ways to fit not only lunch items, but snacks plus the occasional breakfast into containers that usually don't pack nicely with each other.  It's a pain, plus add in the silver-wear and now I'm worried about the containers being somehow pierced by a fork or knife and then I'm dealing with a leakage issue.  So, I've become fascinated or intrigued by Bento Boxes.

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