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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Individually Wrapped Hand Sanitizing Wipes Review

 Running a Daycare is a messy job.  I'm always wiping someone or something and still everything seems to end up sticky?  All parents can relate to this since being sticky seems to just be a constant state for a kid to be in and if you add more kid's to the mix then the stickiness seems to spread.
Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Softy's Hand Sanitizing Wipes:  So, I find myself using wipes constantly.  The problem I have with the bottom wipes is that when kids get into things and need to be wiped off, I'm not sure they get all the germs off when I use the bottom wipes to clean off their hands.  I would doubt the bottom wipes have a disinfectant on them since that would be painful and harsh on little bottoms, but little hands need something a little tougher to handle all they get into.  So, sanitizing wipes it is!
I love that these come in individual packets.  I don't have to worry about a lid not being closed all the way and losing the entire supply from it drying out!  Kid's try to help, but sometimes those lids can get tricky!  Plus, you can stash them everywhere.  Let's face it kids tend to get messy everywhere so, in the purse, diaperbag, car, my pocket, a little cup on the kitchen table, diaper station, outside play bag, first aide kit, and pretty much everywhere you can imagine I have stuck a few of these to have on hand.  The kids like them because they aren't "pokey" and the kids can wipe their hands off themselves.  Perfect for a home daycare.
I like that they cut down on the germ factor as well!  Let's face it, less germs means less runny noses, and less illness.  Illness can be a provider's worse nightmare.  Either you are sick and miserable and having to scramble for coverage or the parents are running for coverage, or your numbers dive low and hit your wallet!  Kid's are miserable when sick and adults tend to be no better.  So, I'm a big fan of eliminating germs.  Having a little wipe on hand to help do so is a huge help.
As a mom, these are great.  I never know what they are going to touch and get into.  It's a constant balance between wanting to just put them in a bubble and thinking what could have happened here first.  Being able to wipe some unknown situations to calm the mind is awesome.  Let's face it grocery carts scare me since everyone gets their germs on them and kids seem to love to stick their hands and mouths on them.  A quick wipe from a stashed one of these babies and I feel a little better about sticking one of my kiddo's in the cart.  I could go on and on with all the places we yank these out, but if your reading this I'm sure you can just imagine the places you could use these!

Product Description
Alcohol-free hand sanitizing wipes that can be used to clean hands, body, and surfaces. They are the largest and softest sanitizer wipes on the market.

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