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Friday, May 1, 2015

Vinium Bottle Stopper Review

I'm on a budget, so I buy cheap wine.  I would love to get the good stuff, but let's face it when it comes down to spending more on wine or getting the better formula or other baby/kid item the baby/kid item wins every time.  So, I'm always looking for ways to make what I can afford taste more like the good stuff, or in the least preserve the flavor it does have when I first open it!
Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Vinium Bottle Stopper:  So, one thing that can ruin a flavor when it comes to wine is air.  This is funny because air can also bring out the flavors of wine.  You want your wine to breath, but not to gauge on stale air.  You want it to have air while your pouring it, but not sit in it which can cause flavors of the wine to come out in a strength that overshadows the original or intended flavor of the wine.  So, air while drinking and pouring, and no air while sitting waiting for you to drink some more.

One way to help protect your wine when your not drinking it is to remove the oxygen from the bottle.  I found this to be a great way to remove the oxygen from the bottle that I was sitting on my counter-top, so it would still be good later on when I was ready for a glass.

It just plopped in, with a little push down to make sure it was secure on my bottle.  Then I started pumping.  Remember the more you pour out of the bottle the more you have to pump to get the air out.  This held secure to my bottle and after a good amount of pumping I was able to get the air out of my wine bottle.  My bottle was down 2 glasses so I had a good amount of space that needed the air pumped out.

When I later had a glass of wine, I was surprised at how it tasted like it did when I first opened the bottle!  The hardest thing about this product is the work out you get from pumping the air out of the wine if you have had a few glasses.

Product Description
  • The Vinium Bottle Stopper is a premium air vacuum stopper for wine lovers. Patented elegant design and workmanship set makes Vinium Bottle Stoppers one of a kind.

    Keep your wine fresh and preserve the flavor of your wine by extracting the air from the bottle through Vinium 
Exclusive Air Vacuum Pump Technology
The Perfect Gift! Unique, Classy and Patented double ring decorative style of the wine stoppers make the ultimate gift. Also comes in an Elegant Premium Matte Gift Box!
Ergonomically designed for ease of use with the Special Fingered Concave Centered Design and Lubricated Middle Tube for effortless pumping!
Have the peace of mind and assurance that Vinium Wine Stoppers are made with 100 percent Food Grade Material

Lifetime Warranty 

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