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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

2 Glow Stick Bracelets 100 Bracelet's Review

 In some places the kids end up cooped up inside due to rainy days, in Arizona they get cooped up inside because of the extreme heat.  Leaving us parents to try to figure out ways to entertain them while they are stuck inside.  We like to have little "parties".  Anything can be made into a party; movie party, popcorn party, dance party.  The only challenge is how to make whatever you are doing special so it becomes a party for the kids.

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of 2 Glow Stick Bracelets:  We recently had a very warm day and the challenge was which party should we have.  We settled on a nap fort party.  This involved us making a giant fort and having the kids put their pillows and blankets inside.  Then they each got to pick two books and have a sippy for fluids.  Next, to make it extra specail we pulled out the glow sticks.  Really, adding glow sticks to anything makes it a party in a kids mind.  The kids, love that these glow in the dark and lasted a long time.  For me it meant an instant night light on their wrists to avoid any darkness issues while they were in the fort.  They really loved how dark it got the the fort, but loved that they could light up any corner in their little room with the glow stick bracelet.  My kids also enjoyed them later that night around bed time when the glow sticks were still working, much to our surprise.

Problem was I kept finding them use the glow sticks to try to read the books in the dark.  It meant that when sleepy time actually comes about, it is important to use these or the kids will read and play straight through nap.
 They had such a good time playing in the fort with the glow sticks that when I took the sticks away for them to actually sleep they all crashed.  Once I knew they were asleep I put the glow sticks just inside the fort for them to grab when they woke up.  They woke up from nap completely excited to light things up in the fort with their glow sticks.

We had a blast turning a boring old fort into a nap-time fun party with the help of a few glow sticks!  Check them out at:

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