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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

NeeBooFit Resistance Loop Bands

 I have been trying and failing at my New Years resolution to loose weight.  I have had a ton on my plate and little to no time to focus on working out.  But I have to push forward and make it happen for myself and my kids.  So, since weights aren't something one can toss in a purse or bag for those moments while the kids are at karate or dance class I needed to find a solution that would help make every move count.

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of NeeBooFit Resistance Loop Bands:  I like the idea of resistance bands.  They should add to your work out like weights do, but without the bulk and well the weight that weights do.  I've never used them however so I was unsure of how much they could affect a work out.  They come in a variety of tension strengths.  I like this as I can literally see myself step up into the next band, plus I can stitch it around based on the move I am doing and my abilities with that move.  This is so much easier than switching weights off a bar.  Now that said, this isn't going to help me bulk up but my goal is to increase fitness, not become the Hulk.  I thought they were easy on the first 3 reps and then I felt it.  The slight ache of fatigue creeping into my legs as I continued to test these out.  They definitely add to the regular work outs I've been doing and are a great way to make those movements that get squeezed in on the side count!
It comes with a little travel bag you can just roll them up together and put it in the bag which fits nicely into the bags that I carry every day for the kids.  This helps make those moments while the kids are in class into fitness moments.  Yeah, I may be that weird lady doing lunges, or other moves around the room, but once all is said and done I will look good while doing it!
They just slip on and are ready to go. Check them out on Amazon:

Product Description
  • 6 Different Resistance Levels - Other sets only have 3-5. Ours is the only complete set on Amazon!
    12"x2" Loop Bands - Most of the other bands are 10". 12" means more options while still a good fit!
    Carry Bag Included - So you can bring all 6 bands with you. Bag is high quality, not just mesh.
    Made of Eco-Friendly Natural Latex Rubber - Premium quality tested for strength and endurance.
    No Risk! Guaranteed For Life - Full satisfaction or we will give you a complete refund, no questions!
    Exercise Booklet Included - Also more exercises available online.

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