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Friday, May 1, 2015

Francois et Mimi Multi-Compartment Bento Box Review

I hate packing a lunch for pretty much anything.  I'm constantly trying to find ways to fit not only lunch items, but snacks plus the occasional breakfast into containers that usually don't pack nicely with each other.  It's a pain, plus add in the silver-wear and now I'm worried about the containers being somehow pierced by a fork or knife and then I'm dealing with a leakage issue.  So, I've become fascinated or intrigued by Bento Boxes.

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Francois et Mimi's Multi-compartment Bento Box:  I have seen Bento Boxes on TV and offered at some restaurants take out menu's and have thought they were a good idea.  An easy way to pack multiple meals or items without leakage or mixing flavors that may not be liked by all.  I was excited to check out a Bento Box of my own.  First thing I noticed was that it comes with it's own silverware which fits in the top compartment!  No more possible wholes that give leakage issues!!!  That means less cleaning for me, color me stoked!

Next thing I noticed was how easily these fit together.  It seemed like it would take a lot of space, but it is smaller than the lunch box I usually send the hubby and held about the same amount minus his drink.  It keeps the snacks away from the lunch and I can separate the flavors out since not everyone likes the same items mixed together. It stacks together so I can order the items in the chain of when they will get eaten for quicker access and less digging!  No digging for a snack that has wiggled to the bottom of a bag, no getting stabbed by a knife or fork while digging for something, no more digging!

I like that it comes in a bag that I can use on it's own if I want to or I can slide the Bento Boxes inside and then I'm all set to just sling the bag on my arm and head off.  It comes in a variety of colors (Blue, Light Blue, Green, Orange, and White) to fit your personality and style.  

I like this for trips with the family where you need to pack a little something for lunch and everyone has a little different taste.  It is also great for those zoo trips where you want to pack a little snack box for each kid and don't want to deal with any of those, her bag is bigger arguments kids love to get into!  Basically this is good for those of you working and taking a lot of food with you each day or for those of you packing around a few kids on learning adventures that may take your through a meal or snack time.

Product Description
Product comes in retail packaging
Great for people looking to diet
Multi-Compartment and Stack-able
Made of BPA-Free Plastic
Comes with Free Lunch Bag

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