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Monday, April 27, 2015

Reusable Food Pouches Review

Babies eat a lot of food.  Problem is, you usually can't grab something for them when your on a long trip and maybe hitting up the drive thru's for a hike or picnic in the mountains.  It's a total bummer, especially if you make your own baby food.  It means having to pack a bunch of glass jars which can break on a hike or even just in the car leaving a huge mess or a ton of Tupperware which takes up a lot of space in a bag or cooler.  So, what is a mom to do who makes her own baby food?  
Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Reusable Food Pouches:  I love these things.  They are a home made baby food mama's answer for toting around a meal for her growing tot!  They are super easy to use, it's like a Ziploc bag only easier to get the food out of when you need it!  You just toss in 2 or 3 baby food cubes, if you are like me you use ice cube trays to make your food and then you store it in the freezer.  Each cube is about 2 oz, so 2 or 3 cubes should be plenty for one pouch.  Then, you zip it closed and toss it in the bag.  No broken glass, no giant space sucking container, just portable baby food that you can be sure is the way you want it to be since you made it!  Putting the cubes in frozen is great for those mountain hikes since it will thaw as the day goes on and is the perfect middle ground of cold and warm for baby to eat.  Their are spoon attachments you can get from anywhere that just screw on the top of these for even easier use when traveling!  
The use I saw this working the best for is for daycare.  They are great for sending your babies food to daycare without having to pack a second cooler.  Pop in your babies favorite mixture straight from your freezer or blender, then just slide one in with the bottles and your set!  They was easily out after you use, just don't let it sit for days or you'll have to scrub more.  As someone who has ran a daycare I can tell you these are much easier and less messy to use than a jar.  I've opened a few little coolers to a giant baby food mess and broken jars in my days, which isn't fun for anyone since I can't even scrape the food and give some to the baby, I'm left with nothing to feed the baby making for a bottle only day.  These are great because even on the off chance that you forgot to seal it, their won't be the glass mixed in making for a potential salvage and no need for the bandages from a hidden glass cut should you open a cooler to a big mess.  They seal really well though so remember to push your fingers together when sealing and their shouldn't be any messes at all to worry about, well until you actually feed the baby that is.  Perfect for that daycare bag!  Grab your own HERE!
Product Description

FAQ1? What is the best way to clean the pouches?
Answer: We have found warm water and soap, in conjunction with a bottle brush cleans them up in a jiffy. As with any food related utensil, the longer you let it the food reminisce dry, the more effort is needed to clean it, therefore the added use of the bottle brush has been found to be very useful.
 FAQ2: What is the best way to fill the pouches?
Answer: The lid works as a great platform. We have found if you place the Cache Pouch upside down, the lid works as a great stand to allow for filling with the use of a spoon, pitcher, or funnel. 

~~A Reusable option for healthy conscious people.
 4 Cache Pouches per Box.

INDEPENDENTLY LAB TESTED IN THE UNITED STATES & CONFIRMED: BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free. Complies with ALL FDA REGULATIONS. 100% FOOD SAFE for you and your children.  Additionally, comes with no choke lids. Basics Best is the only company who independently tests their product in order to verify the safety, in addition they post the results on their amazon listing.

- EASY TO USE and CLEAN: Pouches are dishwasher safe, and our one way flow design allows water to flow in one direction, preventing food from getting trapped in corners. Our top spout prevents babies and toddlers from having to hold it sideways and eat out of the side spout.
-EXTRA STRENGTH ZIPPER: Pouches won't open on you during use or in your bag. Extremely Baby Proof.
-EASY TO FILL: Large cap allows for it to stand upright, while you fill with a spoon, funnel, or pitcher.
-HOLDS 8oz: Great for school or work lunches. Take one along for a snack after your workout, athletic/sporting events. Or take it to the beach, or on a hike.
-ECO FRIENDLY: Pouches are recyclable.
-FREEZER SAFE: Allows for making large batches of pureed food and storing for later use.  Write the date and content on the bag for long term storage and tracking for freshness.
-EAT HEALTHIER: Pouches make eating healthy foods fun for kids. Runners enjoy the ease of use, for their homemade Energy Gels.

100% Satisfaction Guarentee, Or Your Money Back
Healthy, Safe & Sustainable.. Basics Best.

At Basics Best, we take you and your family's health and safety seriously and go the extra mile to ensure our products are exactly as promised.  If you have any questions or comments, please go to the contact page and write us. 

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