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Monday, April 27, 2015

Universal Air Vent Mount Review

I just got my first smart phone about a month ago and am still learning to use it and work with it's size.  In the past I just slipped my little flip phone in a cup holder or left it in my pocket when I was in the car.  Now, the new phone doesn't exactly fit in the cup holder without falling out when you take pretty much any corner and it's too big to leave in a jean pocket.  Kinda a problem when you drive a big SUV and it falls on the floor, it pretty much just lives their the rest of the trip because the car is too big to just lean across at the next light.  So, much for the navigation app that was helping me to find the place I was trying to go!
Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Universal Air Vent Mount:  Kids are a constant test to see how well you know an area.  As they get older the activities increase the locations change and we are left pulling on navigation skills that have not been used since driver's ed and a time when a map was your in-car-navigation-system.  So, it's great when you can get your phone to work as a navigation system.  It's not great when that navigation system falls on the floor and slides to the other side of the car to be drowned out by whatever kid craze music is being sung too by the peanut gallery your toting around.  Your map and the little voice that tells you where to go is now out of reach and hearing and your driving blind.  I like the idea of having the phone right where I can see it and more importantly hear it as I find my ways to the new activities, parks, classes, and other kid events that enter our lives.  I was excited to check this out since it seems to do just that.  
Now, I'm not a big talk or text while driving and usually set the phone on drive mode to avoid the distraction, but I am a big navigation tool person to save on space in the car with less maps and time trying to pull over look at the map, plot a path, commit it to memory, and then pull back out on my way.  The device itself looks simple, because it is.  It's a basic spring system to hold the phone in it with a basic rubber slide for the vents.  I have a big Excursion and it fit on the vent well.  This keeps the phone off my floor and the navigation tool in a place where I can hear it above the kid mania that is my back seats.  
I did notice that it was a little difficult to put the phone in with one hand, but once it's in it stayed for me.  I also noticed that the weight of the phone pulled this down, but that may be more a function of how my vent moves and the sturdiness of the vent control than the device.  This worked well for my kid-ventures.  

Product Description
The Ultimate Mount is an universal air vent mount that holds devices 2.1"-3.55" . It works virtually with any car & smart phone. It securely mounts onto the car's air vent (horizontal, vertical and angled) with 2 grip settings, one for thicker vents & one for thinner vents. It's small, slim and easy to install and remove. No more putting your phone in the cup holder! A great hands-free alternative. Very useful for road trips. It also becomes a travel stand. Just insert any card from your wallet into the rotating clip. Also every Ultimate Mount comes with a free cell phone mini stand. Great for watching videos.

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