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Monday, April 27, 2015

Ladybug Clip Review

My little one is teething and tends to lose his teethers left and right.  I've found that freezing or chilling some pacifiers can work while I'm disinfecting the teethers.  I have some great teething necklaces, but when I'm not holding him the teethers tend to get lost.  Still teether, chilled pacifier they all seem to drop and then I'm either searching his seat for them or trying to figure out where he lost them on his crawling expedition around the house.  It is such a pain!  
Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Ladybug Clip:  So, my little guy has never been big on a pacifier.   None of my kids have, but when teething time rolls around we use these things that came in masses during baby showers to help sooth their gums.  Problem is they drop them and the masses that came in widdle down quickly or they just get dirty and disgusting.  So, I was excited to check out this paci-saver.  I like to chill the pacifiers and use them while I'm cleaning the teethers that I normally use, but don't exactly want to add to my mound of items to clean.  This worked great.  It held the pacifier to my baby.  That said, he did loose complete interest in the pacifier because of the fun colors and shapes on the clip itself.  He ended up playing with it and chewing on it instead of the pacifier.  Whatever keeps him entertained and his gums soothed is an A+ in my book.  
It was very easy to clip to him.  I noticed I could clip it to his onesie or his bib and not have any issue with slipping or it coming loose.  With how it easily attached to the pacifier I'm thinking I may also be able to finagle a way to attach a teether to this clip as well!  Even less in my sink for me to clean makes me a happy lady!  This is great for any mom to be!  If you have a pacifier or are giving one, then it almost seems like you should probably add this clip to the mix as well!  

Product Description

This pacifier holder actually is a very convenient baby/toddler product
as the clip has multiple benefits:

1. You never look for the nuk again:
-> the clip safely attaches the soother gently to clothing by a soft strip on the clip.

2. Most parents by now know that brain stimulation at a very young age is super important:
-> 5 beautiful colors will take care of this.

3. A baby's brain-muscle coordination is in development as well:
-> the uniquely shaped beads are waiting to be safely explored by fingers, teeth and mouth.

Talking about safety... Is it safe? I mean... beads...

It's super safe.
Check out this list here:

1. Peace of mind about safety is at the core of how we run Kylo Kita Toys
-> Complies with EU and US safety regulations.
-> Especially in Europe, they have somehard core testing.

2. NO CHEAP QUALITY from where ever we could find it...
-> Handmade in the European Union (Germany).
-> You know what they say about German quality...

3. Responsible harvesting of materials:
-> Made out of materials from German forests

4. Safe for chewing, sucking, biting etc
-> The clip is painted using non-toxic and lead free paint.

5. Plastic used for the bedding of the clip is "baby proof":
-> NO Phthalates are used to make the plastic heat resistant

6. Drooling is allowed:
-> The clip is Saliva Resistant so paint will not come off due to baby sucking and drooling on it. :-)

Any warnings?

Sure! But really the usual suspects:

1. Only use under supervision.
2. Not for use in bed, cradle, playpen etc.
3. Don't take the pacifier clip apart.
4. Don't attempt to lengthen or shorten the cord other than by using the twist lock.

Kylo Kita Toys is a new company selling wooden toys for young children

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