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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Give me a Wink!

I have been trying to find mom looks and one thing that can brighten my day or at least help me look like I'm not completely sleep deprived is eyeshadow.  Seriously, giving a little care and attention to the eye can help hide those bags under it.  The trick is to find a kit that has enough choices for day, night, and mid-day lunches.  Next trick, not destroying my wallet.

I love finding good deals and products that work for me.  I managed to find a palette I enjoy called "Lola" from  I love the colors in this package. The Poppy and Sunflower to highlight with the Trellis for the inner crease for a smoky date night look.  The Mistletoe on the eyelid followed by the Veronica or Orchid in the crease  and the Marigold or Petal on top near the eyebrow make for a great mid-day luncheon look.  The Sunflower on the eyelid followed by Orchid, Marigold or Petal in the crease and poppy on top near the eyebrow make for a nice bright eye day look!  I like to put the same color that I use to highlight my eye or that is closest to the brow on the bottom of the eye as well to offer symmetry and really brightening the eye.  Add some mascara and you are all set.  I also love how flat this is so it can just slide into a purse for those touch ups we all need once and a while when something runs long!  Make-up Kits are great for purses, diaper-bags, and anything you'd need to touch up on the go and I personally love a lip-gloss and eye-kit for my bags, comment below what your must have make-up is for your bag below!
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