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Thursday, March 1, 2012

La Bella Stella CD Review

Music, Music, Music makes the world go round.  So, we mom's are always on the hunt for music that our kids will enjoy and that we can use on a variety of locations.  I was asked to do a review of La Bella Stella and I accepted it.  They sent me the CD and we put it on one day.  The thing to remember about this CD is that it is a recess to nap prep CD.

La Bella Stella, from the Celebrate Earth Series, offers a variety of tempo's, sounds, and lyrics for the kids to enjoy.  I was unsure at first on the order of the sounds as some in the beginning were more upbeat with a slower song mixed in.  From here it tapered into mainly slow songs.  The kids did seem unsure what to do at first on the switch of pace but as the CD went on I noticed it helped their bodies and minds slowly calm down. They would wiggle and jump on one song and by the end were more flowing and swaying their arms and bodies from side to side as the CD came to an end.

Personally, I would have placed a few more of the power/upbeat songs in the front with a longer offering of the slow paced songs at the end.  The kids however really enjoyed the space journeys and different pace offered and it made a great transition from our outside crazy play to our right before lunch/nap calming play.

Coupling this CD with a book about star's or the galaxy would be a great way to introduce your kids to the universe around them.  Maybe turn on one of those star shining turtles and find constellations on the ceiling while listening to the CD and discovering what makes the star's themselves.   If your child is older have them cut out stars and attach them to fishing wire,  then attach them to your ceiling for a celestial trip through the galaxy with this CD!  In the end it is a great learning tool and a nice way to transition the kids energy from full blown play, to settling in for a rest or a meal all the while learning about the stars!

I give this CD 4 out of 5 stars, because I would have switched the order of songs only slightly.

Check out this great CD for yourself and comment your thoughts below.  Or enter to win the contest we have going on now!

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