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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cancer-Early Detection Importance

This is my Uncle.  He dedicated his life to save and protect others.  Mainly offering aide to passengers on the planes that arrived to the airport he served at, he also battled fires and crashes that require a fireman's help at an airport.  Naturally, a cough wouldn't seem like a big deal.  Imagine the surprise when he found out it was cancer.

He kept this diagnosis close to the vest and fought the battle until the treatments became noticeable by family and co-workers.  That is my Uncle for you, he fights and laughs through it all and you never know if their is turmoil or in this case major illness going on as he isn't one to burden others with pain.  He continues to fight and is more open to us regarding his illness, but he carries most of the weight with a smile, a goofy story, and a laugh.  Time will only tell if the treatment will work and if it was caught in time.

His story was shared in order to help others gain knowledge and get things checked out because early detection is key in cancer treatment.  Here is a link that provides his story and more information regarding cancer and early detection:  Please read it and remember that it is better to be knowledgeable whenever something in your life changes.  You never know when the knowledge will help save you or give you more time.

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