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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Halloween Mall Review and Giveaway

It is coming time for the Holiday season and time for us mom's to start planning for those holidays!  I was asked to review and figured I would check it out to see how it could help me plan for this Halloween!  Check out what I had to say!
I started by downloading their ebook.  I loved their idea's for costumes!  I'm always trying to think of costume idea's for my little ones and love that they gave some idea's for everyone.  A joke costume which had me laughing was the quarterback, monster costumes, girly costumes, costumes for the little men, and some accessories that you can create your own costume from were great tools for any mom!
I also noticed that they had something for those of you throwing a party or for teachers with Halloween lessons or parties to plan.  There were some great idea's like pumpkin bowling! for the decorations, there were interesting ways to make ghosts, a scary monster, or scarecrow.  It is a 26 page book full of great ways for you to make your Halloween fun and scary for the entire family or classroom!  Check out for yourself and either get the book to make your own Halloween fun or check out their stores to buy some things to help you out!
Check out their giveaway by clicking HERE for a $65 Gift Card to going on to August 15, 2012.

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