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Friday, July 27, 2012

June 16 2012 Varied Bunting Hunting

We heard the Varied Bunting was seen in Madera Canyon.  Like any good birders we set the alarms for way too early, prepped all the dog and baby items and on the morning of June 16, 2012 headed out to Madera Canyon.
 The first bird we saw went by us and due to the red color we snapped a photo only to realize it was a House Finch, still a beautiful bird, but not our bird.
We continued on.....
Another fly by and this little devil was flitting all about!

The hubby grabbed the camera, I gathered the dogs and he went off to get some photo's of our prey!

He came back after the first round unable to pin this guy down.

We headed back to the car and once there, he heard that call!  I started changing the diapers and kept the dogs near by, because this bird is vary pretty and rare so we just had to get a photo!  The hubby went off being faster and more nimble.
He got our bird!

These photo's are of the Varied Bunting.

If you enlarge the photo's you will see the red's and blues that make this bird so beautiful!

He had to approach slowly being the bird was pretty flighty.

Once we got our bird we headed to our favorite feeders at the Santa Rita Lodge.  Check out these Goldfinches!
We got lucky while sitting there and found an Arizona Woodpecker!
He was right above us on a pole!

We had our friend the Broad-bill Hummingbird!  
He was soon joined by a Black-chinned Hummingbird.
Our Woodpecker friend decided to sample the suet!

The fountain pond was visited by a Black-Headed Grosbeak.

The Broad-Billed Hummingbird showed off some color!

A female Hummingbird decided to sample the nectar.
After grabbing a few soda's, the latest sightings from the Lodge Gift Shop attendant, we headed out.
Check out this amazing sight as we left for home.
I leave you with these photo's in hopes they help your day have a moment of peace.

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