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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tell me with your eyes!

Every once and a while, I scroll through to see what is new in the world of healthcare.  Call it a homage to my career before the daycare.  Usually, what I find is depressing and the same old round the barrell arguments switching back and forth on what will work, but today I saw an article that really had me excited!  What if someone you loved was paralyzed and trapped inside themselves?  Would you want to know what they were thinking?
It would seem that the potential is now here with a new device which allows people to write in cursive with their eyes!  I would guess that their penmanship will probably be better than mine.  I'm not sure, however, if the pain, confusion, and thoughts that first come through are one's I would want to know out of a loved one, what if they want to give up? Would I want to know that and what would it do to my drive to fight for them?  I do think though that this would help with counseling, care instructions, living preferences regarding placement and medical procedures.  Plus, when they have gone through the initial shock, which I'm not sure anyone ever really gets over some just learn how to use it to push themselves forward, you could tell them how much you love them and they could say it back.  A mother could tell her child she still loves them or a husband could still tell their child how they are the apple of his eye.  The emotional connection could still be maintained in a relationship!  So, this had my mind going and while this is still being introduced other applications seem to be obvious.  One thought I had was for the severely autistic.  Studies have shown that those with severe autism often favor and react to machines over people which is why the iPad applications have taken off. What if they were given a machine to write their thoughts with in the complete sentence developed in their minds?  Would we unlock contact with some genius hidden under the over-stimulation?  Would a parent be able to tell a child to clean up their toys and their child finally be able to give the 5 minute excuse on why they can't and need to stay up past their bedtime?  Hopefully this will find homes and uses opening the worlds of many whom we have wished to talk to for so long.  What uses can you think of?  
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