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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Maxima Anti-Aging Review

Ah, the fight against Anti-Aging!  We work so hard to prevent aging on our skin and while the stars can afford 200.00 bottles of face scrub I can not.  So, I look for alternatives for both me and you, my readers!  Check out my thoughts on Maxima Skin Products:

The Advanced Wrinkle Cream is a great morning cream.  It added back some moisture that the Arizona Nights take out of my skin, but I did feel like my skin was tighter after a few uses.  Not the feel with your hands tighter sensation, but the tightness on the face itself.  I only wish I had a larger size of this to see just how much the tight sensation results in taking some years off.  It smelled of a slight cinnamon and a more astringent scent that I couldn't put my finger on.  If you have the money I would definitely take this Wrinkle Cream for a spin as it comes in at what I would classify as a medium-high end cream.

The Maxima Rejuvenation Gentle Daily Cleanser is another morning product. It went on like any other soap, but didn't leave a film of any sort on my skin. Instead it left my skin nicely smooth.  I could definitely smell the olive leaf extract or something similar to an olive type of smell with a slight astringent tint to it.  The scent wasn't left on my hands which is great because it won't interfere with my perfume scent.  Again, I would classify this as a medium-high end morning face cleanser.

Vitamin C Skin Treatments are the latest discovery in fighting the damage of the sun and when you live in Arizona, you must look for ways to reverse the damage from the sun.
The Maxima Rejuvenation Vitamin C 20% went on with ease and soaked into my skin quickly.  It smelled well, like Vitamin C (it you've ever taken a C Vitamin then you will know what I mean).  It went away and didn't linger on my skin which I enjoy.  After all, I want skin products that are going to work and not interfere with my perfume.  I would classify this as a medium-high end Vitamin C oil.

All in all I only wish I had full size bottles of these product as I loved how they left my skin feeling in the morning!  And maybe their scar treatment for my recent surgery scar.

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