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Thursday, December 12, 2013 Review

It's the holiday season and what is our go to gift for those hard to ship for, far away, or with little suitcase room?  Gift Cards!  Now, I love gift cards, but sometimes you can end up giving or getting a gift card that you will never use and know it.  Maybe the store isn't near you or it's just not something you will end up getting time to go use, whatever the reason, sometimes a gift card can end up just sitting there.  Nothing bother's me more than a wasted gift, but there are ways to change a gift that would normally be unused into something practical.  
You have some options with cards you won't use.  You could do the obvious and re-gift the card, but many have year expiration days from day of purchase, so you have to make sure to do so close to when you received it yourself.  You could send it to family and have them grab you something if the store is far away.  You could hope and pray it is enough to pay for shipping and use it to order off line.  Or you could check out a site like  
If you haven't heard about or seen a site like this before it's simple.  You sell them your unwanted gift card.  You either get a percentage of what the card is worth in money or you can sometimes exchange your gift card for another gift card.  Often you  can also purchase unwanted cards at discounted rates on these sites.  This is a great way to make sure that any gift card given won't go to waste and you can still get what you want or need.  If you are looking for some last minute gifts for someone, then buying them at a discount via this site allows you to save on your gift cards this year.  
So, gift cards don't have to go to waste anymore!  

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