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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A gift that fits perfectally!

Sometimes we find ourselves not finding that perfect gift, so I say make it yourself!  Recently, my family was invited to my cousin’s wedding, being far away we couldn’t attend in person.  We could however send our love and congrats in the mail!  So, I started looking, and looking, and looking and couldn’t find that perfect gift!  Not knowing what to do I start thinking about the couple?  They love to go to the river, have family BBQ’s, had a wild streak, and as my cousin recently stated he loves food.  The perfect gift was personalized Aprons!!!!

You can either make an Apron yourself or get a plan one from the store. For time, I got plan ones from the store.  I found some cute Applica words to put on and made some utensil holders for the front.  I ironed on the Applica’s then stitched them to ensure they won’t some off with use or washing as iron on’s can tend to do. For the utensil loops I took 1 inch thick elastic about 3 inches long and made a loop.  I placed the loop on the apron at the desired spot and stitched it on going down one side moving over half an inch, then up the other side to secure the loop.  I put 4 loops on the front in a line.  Lastly, I added some BBQ utensils to help them get their Grill On! 

You can sew on bottle openers, different size loops for different utensils, chains for looks, or you can use fabric paint if you’re skilled in that area and paint a special message or cartoon for added touch!  Make this their own.  For hers, I added bows, ruffles, loops (plus cooking spoons), and sewed on Applica’s for flare!  In the end you have a personalized gift that they will love and use!



  1. Cute idea! Kids need aprons for messy fingerpainting jobs! I doubt my husband would wear one, but my Dad might.
    Following you from MBS!

  2. Thinking of attending a baking lesson, personalised apron would be a good match.

    Btw,Im inviting you to Join my BabyBond Giveaway.

  3. Thanks so much for the comments! I love getting feedback and hearing the different ways that these projects get used!

  4. Cute idea! I personalized an apron for myself with little cartoon stick people for each family member with their favorite hobby. My 2 year old loves to do "role call" and point to the little people! The possibilities are endless! Great post!


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