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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baby Food Update!

If your making your own baby food off of the baby food blog here is a suggested update for you!  As your child ages and moves into the next phase simply blend less!  Don't fully puree the food.  Use the pulse button and get the food down to baby size chunks or smaller.  Basically dime size or smaller.  You can do things as the kids get more teeth like steaming peas to a place where they practically fall apart with any pressure and put the whole peas in the blended carrots.

Start mixing flavors that are enjoyed and don't be afraid to add some tofu to start the digestive tract on high protein development.  This can help when it comes time to introduce meats.  Tofu is bland and tends to take on whatever it's cook with flavor.  Use the same seasons that were listed in the previous post located here:  Be creative, maybe boil spaghetti, but instead of long noodles take the time to break it down to lengths that are the with of your baby's little finger or smaller.  Add this to any squash, tomato, or favorite food blend for a carb boost.  Using a small amount of spaghetti bits can also be a good way to test your babies digestion.  Many babies are not able to digest gluten and need a supplement.  Don't add anything new to the babies diet when trying this for 3-4 days.  It will give a more accurate reaction, if their is any. 

Do not start fish earlier than age 1!  Fish can be started at between 1 and 2 years of age(some say wait until age 3), only an ounce a week and then no bottom/garbage eaters as they are more likely to have high levels of Mercury. Keep it high protein, think Salmon.  Some good starter fishes are: Flounder, Haddock, Cod, and Sole (watch out for bones!).  A good site for information regarding fish is:  The only thing that I don't agree with that they state is that tuna is alright.  Tuna tends to eat everything and their Mercury levels can be higher that the other fish I listed. Remember fish has a high allergic reaction in babies, always start small and test for 3 days in case of a delayed reaction due to digestion time.  Just because swimming fish are fine, don't assume shell fish are alright, with anything new always test with the 3 day rule! 

Updating your babies diet depends on a lot of factors, age, allergic reactions of the past, any diagnosed issues that may affect digestion or eating, babies interest in eating, how many teeth the baby has (don't give anything chunky to a baby with no or only 2 teeth), and if you feel its time.  Have fun and be creative while you nuture your little foodie's palate!



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