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Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Guest Blogger and Crafter Extraordinaire: Allison Meeks of AllyBally Designs!

We have the great privilage this week of getting a How-To on a specail AllyBallyDesign!!!  She will be posting her guest blog September 28, this Wednesday!  She not only sells amazing designs and crafts, but is kind enough to share with us how she makes her crafts!  She has her own online store as well as a blog about her crafts.  We thank her so much for giving us these steps as normally she only sells her amazingly adorable crafts.  Can you tell I love the crafts much?

While my crafts usually are from cardboard boxes, hers have a design that is refined and clean. Each one of her designs is a great decorative touch for any home or a one of a kind gift!  I'll stop gushing with excitement and introduce Mrs. Allison!

          I am a school counselor who likes crafting for fun. I like to make things instead of buy them and enjoy giving personalized gifts. Unfortunately, I have the same problem as my husband in thinking that a project should take an hour when it takes 5 hours. Often times I am staying up way to late before a party or wedding trying to get a present done that I thought I would have finished hours ago.
          I love my two dogs an unreasonable amount, they are my babies for now. I love the outdoors and traveling. Last year I went on a six week road trip from Washington state to the Florida Keys. It was one of the best experiences in my life. Lastly I am a Christian and strive to let Christ be the center of my life in all I do. Christmas is my favorite Holiday. I LOVE being silly. And I get super cranky if I am hungry!

Don't forget to visit back on Wednesday, September 28!!!!

For more on AllyBally Designs click on the button attached!

To visit AllyBally Designs on Etsy click below!

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