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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bead Me!

The kids are always interested in creating, making, and exploring.  Some days are busy and a long or elaborate craft just isn’t in the cards.  In this moment I think up old favorites from my childhood.  In this case I stole from summer camp and brought out the beads! 

You need:

Beads assorted or one color
A button (optional)

Be very careful as loose beads are a choking hazard!  Never leave the kids unattended or a bead accounted for as dogs and children alike can swallow them!  Each kid got to pick 2-3 colors and their own color of string.  Then I taped one end of string to the table to avoid beads on the floor. I showed them how to put a bead on the string and let them have at it.  We talked about the design they were making, about patterns, what colors they choose, and where they would wear the necklace.  Once they were done threading I thread both ends threw the button and tied it off. The button helps keep the tied end from hiding under beads in case you need to change the length or untie the necklace for any reason.

The stories, reasons, and simple statements they made were ingenious and hilarious.  Isn’t it funny how a simple craft can create hours of fun and moments to share with them down the road when they are older.   I enjoyed this so much that I made it into part of a kid’s gift.  I put beads in a plastic jar, string on the top with a button and closed the lid.  I made a label saying necklace kit.  You can decorate the jar or add charms to the kit if you want.  In closing, sometimes the best idea’s are ones we have already had or done, but have forgotten about.  Looking at something in a new light or remembering something you enjoyed as a kid is sometimes the best and easiest way to find a great way to make memories with your own kids.  Ideas are everywhere and only we can open our eyes to see them!



  1. Beads. Who can ever get enough of these ... even at 40? I'm about to make a bank out of beads ... with crazy glue. Should be interesting. :) -- You have a new follower.

  2. Let me know how that goes! I never would have thought of a bank from beads! Great idea!


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