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Friday, September 30, 2011

Following the Trendy Mistakes: The Unfortunate Case Against Animal Print

A while ago woman used to take their power seriously, even if at the time they were held back in the workforce, they still behaved like woman and addressed the issue as such. Then, we started following trends, trying to be more like men, and somehow our movement got lost in the smut wiping away the demur class woman once were known to have. I believe we woman need to accept ourselves. We are not men. Physically from an anatomy standpoint we can become strong and do much of what men do, but in the end out bodies are set up to take on stamina instead of brut force. We hold the keys to the future in who we chose to have children with. That is a heavy thing to have control over and with the mentality of having sex like a man we tempt karma, nature, or fate to spread the seed of someone we may not have originally intended. We dress more and more like hookers. Turn on the TV and you'll see what I'm saying, if you or I walked outside in the outfits that many of our favorite show characters do we would be looked at (not in a good way) and potentially propositioned.

We can show off our curves without giving away the entire box of cookies in one look! I'm going to say this and probably recieve a back lash, but animal print. I love animal print, but out of a debate with my husband recently had a realization. I'm not Jackie O, it is not the 50's/early 60's, and the only people who actually pull off animal print are hookers. Don't believe me, if your in Arizona in Phoenix just take a stroll down Van Buren and you'll see animal print in spades or you can do what I did and take it to google. The discussion boards all basically said its what hookers and sleezy girls wear with the occasional one very small piece(scarf, belt, clutch purse) is OK depending on how you wear it. So, as woman we need to be aware of what we put out there because you can bet it's what we will get back.

I like many, fell into the opinion that I could do everything a man could. Thankfully, I have realized that I don't want to do everything a man can and have embraced the woman side of me as well. We are the gatekeepers, deciding the fate of the future by who we choose to reproduce with creating the next generation. I can lift for stregnth without loosing my curves, I can do a job just as good as a man and still wear heels with a baby on my hip, I can be proud of my body without loosing its feminine allure turning it to a neon sign, and I can still be a woman without living like a man. Sadly to say, this means the animal print Jackie O jacket will have to only come out on Halloween and in the private of my home.


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