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Monday, October 3, 2011

Creepy Crawly Snack!

Why is it that during the Halloween season kids tend to talk about all things “creepy”? A song is now a “creepy” song and a picture is now a “creepy” picture. So, if you’re me, you play a long and nurture their imaginations asking what makes something “creepy” or thinking of ways to make something a little more “creepy”. Letters are written with a shaky hand and paper Mache ghosts make an appearance. Then comes the thing I dread, just how does one make a meal creepy?

Tricky, how to make a meal creepy? I’ve decided to start small, snack. Snack, is a good place to start. First, things first, to the fridge! I opened it up and looked in the drawers and on the shelves taking stock of what I had. Onto the pantry! Looking shelf by shelf for anything to compliment or inspire a creepy snack. My eyes landed on the marshmallows, little marshmallows. Keeping my creepy frame of mind I couldn’t help but think they kind of look like maggots. Gross I know, but I’m going for creepy season fitting snack food. Then, it hit me! Why not make Maggots on a Log?

Simple, easy, and kid approved! I just put peanut butter on celery and added some marshmallows, for the kids with sugar issues, just ants/raisins/craisins are good (still a bug right). I handed this semi-healthy snack to the kids. A round of “Ewwww” (mission accomplished) followed by a ton of giggles as the kids dug in chattering about their buggy snack! I offer to you to remember that simplicity is often the best way to solve a problem when dealing with kids and going with the flow can make the day a little easier!



  1. How cute! I think my kids would have fun making and eating those...they love peanut butter, celery, and marshmallows! I think making them will be their favorite part though.

    Also, wanted to let you know that you are one of the bloggers that I am passing the Versatile Blogger award on to. Please stop by my blog to "pick it up." :)

    Little Miss Nerd Girl


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