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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This is going to Suck!

Earlier today I noticed a few clouds in the sky, the temp was low (meaning not in the 100s), and the kids(fur and human) were wanting to be outside. We finished up our craft and I packed up a cooler, blanket, wipes, diapers, and the camera and we ate lunch outside for a picnic.

As we ate the wind started up a little. The kids and dogs loved the breeze, both chasing imaginary creatures riding the waves of air. My daughter inspired by one gust to stand up and serenade us while we ate with her baby babble song of mischief and love. Talks of potential lunch stealing monsters who only come out when the wind blows (we watched Dr. Suess yesterday). Basically, Lunch was great and the kids all got outside time that we haven't been able to get in a while. We absorbed the time outside until it was time for everyone's nap.

So, about now your wondering why is this going to suck. Well, it would be the color I noticed the clouds were and that if I looked to any side of us there seemed to be a darkening wall enclosing on us. They were growing darker brown and moving downward. They also seemed to be coming up from the ground in spots as well. No, these were not the fluffy, look for shapes and talk about what makes a cloud kind of fun clouds. Nor were they the full of water, have a rainy discussion day, enjoy the smell clouds. No, these were bad no fun clouds.

Inside with everyone asleep I am now watching the slowly creeping mummy style Haboob approaching this house. Pickups will be late because driving will be unsafe, the husband will be home late or caught in the swirling dust, we will all be stuck inside with dust clogging everything it can. So, I sit and all I can think as I watch the approaching doom is that this is going to suck! Especailly for the hubby who not only has to drive in it, but will no doubt spend a week or two trying to clean the pool. Unfortunately I don't have the money to hire a pool guy to do this for the hubby which means I will be missing a hubby while he takes this on as his schedule is already packed (work full time, school, tutoring, household chores, trying to keep himself in shape, be a good daddy, and then their is us with himself coming last). The dogs will have to be monitored (we have ancient spores out here that sneak in these things) and nothing will be clean.

This is life in a dust bowl. A dirty, annoying since once cool you may still be stuck inside due to dust, ancient spore infested, don't think about caring about the paint on your car as it will be sand sprayed at random, pool destroying dust bowl. Why do I live here again? I say that because, if you haven't picked up on it, this is going to suck!



  1. yuck. Im sorry that you guys are going through that. How long do the dust storms last?

  2. It depends, they are like any other storm, they can last a few minutes or hours.

  3. We used to get that in southern Alberta when i was young, not fun!

  4. That doesn't sound like fun. But I always say no matter where you live there will be bad stuff. Where I live we get snow a couple feet deep in the winter and then tornado season and then so hot and humid you can't go outside. Hopefully it is going better now.


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