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Monday, March 12, 2012

Post-op Day 2: Zion

We spent most of the day walking around Vegas.  So, we left late for our drive to Zion in Utah.  The drive was beautiful, but painful.  We arrived late in the evening and went to the visitors center, but it was closed.  We drove through the tunnel which was gorgeous and interesting the way that you literally drive through a mountain.  We turned around and went back and started looking for a place to stay.  We had thought about doing a hike which uses legs and not arms so would be a good way for me to get fresh air and my body to think about the soreness of my legs and not the pain in my arm.  No, such luck with how late it was. I could tell you why this was a bad idea, but you'll have to come back for the next post to find out about day 3. We stopped at a few places looking for something comfortable to rest our heads.

450 Zion Park Boulevard
Springdale Utah 84767

We pulled into one place and I thought, no way, it was a lodge and spa.  However, we went inside just as they were about to close and we got offered a deal.  The people were reasonable enough to know that at closing the chances of renting the room for that night were us or no one especially since it was off season for the area and gave us a discount for the night.

This was lucky because they had a trail to a Labrinyth, a hot tub, and beautiful balcony rooms with an amazing view of the mountains.  The room itself was decorated well and they had coffee, tea, soups, lotions, shampoo's and conditioners all available.  It had it's own fridge in it and a dvd player.  The bed was amazingly comfortable as were the chairs in the room.

Plus they had yoga classes, a spa, and other fitness/wellness classes available on site.  It was very close to a grocery store and the trail we wanted to hike in the morning.  We enjoyed a comfortable evening in a very nice lodge/spa.  In the morning we packed the car and got ready for a nice long hike.  I realize I'm weird, but for me a nice veiw, comfortable lodgings, good hike in the morning, and great company sounded perfect for relaxing.  I would definitely recommend this place for a baby-moon, recovering from minor surgery and needing a place of calm or for anyone going to Zion for any reason. I loved it so much that I'm sending them this posting to let them know how much I appreciated their service and taking us in at the last minute with a discount.  Here are more shots of our room and a Panoramic shot off the balcony of our room! Below them are the shots of the tunnel we drove through!

My arm was very sore now but I was able to shower and my husband was able to change my bandage.  It was very awesome to have someone to do the lifting, packing, dressing changes, and washing what I no longer could.  We again make the decision to go ahead with the hike the next day.  It was supposed to be a nice long one which I felt would be great for me, stretch the legs, work those muscles, take my thoughts off my shoulder, and I noticed they had T-shirts saying people had done it.  It would be a test on my asthma with the elevation the T-shirts stated, which that and the length is why I assumed it was deemed T-shirt worthy. Oh, stupid, stupid, Abby.  Note to those taking baby-moons, recovery trips, or well any hike which you will be doing a walk or hike, if it has a T-shirt than there is probably a good reason for it.
Here is a panaramic shot off the balcony of our room!

Here are the tunnel shots, it went on forever!  We stopped at the end to take our first picture together in Zion.



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