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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Post-Op Day 3: Angel's Landing

Why do they insist on labeling things with amazing names that inflict so much pain?  My shoulder was sore and I still couldn't lay on it, but I could change the bandage and clean it making showing much easier.  After loading up, we pulled up front to check out and I advised the man behind the desk of our intentions to hike Angel's Landing.  He let me know he had been hearing about snow and ice on the trail and recommended clamp-ons.  I let my husband know and he didn't feel he needed any, but I wanted to be safe having just had the surgery I didn't want to slip and fall on some ice.  We found some cheap at the local grocery store and set off to park.

We do our homework and I knew the trail would be a decent hike and at some points narrow.  We did see pictures of people hiking up at one spot with a rail and figured it would be do-able but if you have a fear of heights, nerve raking.  I'm not sure that nerve raking even touches it.  We started up the switchbacks and found the deer had no fear of people even crossing maybe a few feet in front of us at one point.  I have asthma so the switchbacks were hard for my lungs, but good as well since they had to train themselves to breath and I met my pace with their capability.

The switchbacks were beautiful and their were amazing spots in the walls of the side of the mountain we were against that made for some fun photo's.

Now my problem is that I happen to have an interest in what I was following up the mountain and it definitely clouded my post-op judgment.
As we got higher in elevation we did start seeing some snow and ice, but nothing we couldn't walk around.  We got to the first landing and people advised us that the next part was hard and some without clamp on's were turning back because it got icy.
I put mine on and encountered the first of the chains.  It was more nerve racking that it wasn't a rail and it did get steep but not as bad as I expected.

Until we came to the first non-chained ice pack.  Now when you look up and see Vultures in a tree large enough to carry you off, take it as a sign of what is to come instead of doing like I did and thinking what a great photo opportunity!  Literally, we were on our hands and knees and at times using the base of some not too large bushes to crawl up.  Ow! This was not fun on my shoulder and it was really starting to bother me.
We kept on and then came to the real chains.  This is actually where you need clamp-on's and I never should have tried.  You literally hold onto chains so you don't fall off the side of the mountain, because that is what you are hiking on!  About half way I felt a sudden stab of extreme pain followed by horrible consistent pain that had a nice pulse to it.  Sweet, I thought to myself, their goes a suture.  We are in the middle of no-where and our vigorous hike has turned into an actual rock climb busting my sutures.
Oh, look even more chains!  We kept going because if I popped a suture this close to the top I was going to at least do this thing and get their!  Chain by chain, ice pack by ice pack we literally pulled and clawed to the top.  Then, you walk along this narrow ridge without anything to hold onto to the very end!  You get here and it is amazing!
The beauty almost overcame the horrible pain of my angry shoulder.  I smiled through it though because I just did an amazing hike with my husband bringing us to an amazing once in a lifetime sight.  I highly recommend this hike to those who aren't afraid of heights, have wills written out, and clamp-on's.  Be smart where you place your feet and always find something to hold onto.  Go down like I did on your bottom, inch by inch, and just buy a new pair of pants.  Here are the panoramic as you walk around the top looking down and around the view.

We got to the bottom and I downed some tylenol.  It didn't appear I busted a suture, at least it wasn't bleeding, but I was in pain.  We drove home and I called the next day for meds.  I made sure to baby the arm ever since.

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