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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Feeling Heavy today? Blame the sun!

Feeling heavy today?  Blame the sun, literally!  Right now between 11 and 1 pm the earth is at the closest point to the sun!  This means that the gravitational pull is the strongest during this time.  This affects the laws of gravity.  At least that's what legend tells us.  Which is why the kids and I were able to do a fun experiment!
 It was brought to my attention by one of my daycare mom's.  She was letting me know about the cultural significance today and dropping of a special meal that coincides with this day.  She mentioned to me a tradition of good luck.  What you do is between now and 1 you can stand an egg on it's bottom.  Culturally, this ensures a year of good fortune and is referred to as the horse hour.  So, to keep with their tradition, we took out an egg and at about 11:40am stood it on it's end.  It's still standing up at about 12:20pm!  So, if you are feeling a little heavy today, think of the affects of gravity on the egg and blame the sun!
P.S. I am naturally ignoring the physics of this, due to the surface of your egg and the surface of your table with repeated tries, and while there on any day you can do this it is fun to believe in legends and nice to be able to blame a little weight gain on something other than what I put on my plate! .

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