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Friday, June 7, 2013

Candlelight without the mess!

Nearly all seasons call for candles. They’re used to adorn balconies, patios, dinner tables, parties and special occasions. However, some candles can be problematic depending upon their usage. Here in Arizona, wax tends to melt creating a huge mess!  Candles are so romantic and soothing, luckily there is a way around this big mess!  Battery-operated candles provide the joy of using candles without any problems traditional candles present. Battery-operated candles help prevent fires, provide lovely dining light, provide glow without the smoke and provide a safe way to use candles around children and animals.
Small tea light candles and round candles are especially fun with festivities and children. They can safely be placed in bags to create lanterns or jars decorated with colorful tissue paper. They turn on and flicker like the real thing, but do not get hot or burn like a traditional candle. Not only do battery-operated candles flicker like the real thing, they can be scented as well to give a lasting impression. It can be sad when a beloved candle becomes all burned out. With battery-operated candles, they can potentially last a lifetime. The candles at Candle Impressions are so lifelike that they are made with real candle wax and feature a blackened wick to create the ultimate effect. Have fun and know that the candles you use are safe. No need to worry about blowing them out before going to bed or leaving the house. Use one as a nightlight for a soothing experience. Battery-operated candles are wonderful.

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