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Friday, May 31, 2013


This post brought to you by Allstate. All opinions are 100% mine.
I was watching TV the other night and I saw one of the Allstate Good Life commercials.  It had me thinkings about their slogan "Good Hands for a Good Life".  I thought about all the things that bring us together in life.  That help us during the bad times to get to the good times and a good life.  

It seems from the commercials that Allstate believes that the notion of the Good Life is inherently social.  It is already taking place in people’s natural social conversations and now Allstate has permission to join in because they are an insurance company who creates more good vs. take care of the bad.  My thoughts depended because not everyone has this take on helping to live a good life.  
 It reminded me of when I was taking care of some kids with the daycare.  It was the first few weeks of care, so the trial period.  The children displayed significant care demands and both developmental and physical issues that I am not equiped to care for, I explained to the parents and offered to continue care for a few weeks, so they could find more suitable care.  On the last day the parents informed me their child had been diagnosed with RSV and they didn't want to take the time off!  Now, I had just had a baby and am caring for other people's children, but not only were the issues that I saw with the children not disclosed before care started the inconvenience of taking time off and disclosing a serious contagious disease being exposed to the children was an after thought.  In the end only my baby got sick. As a family we worked together to be up with him and suction him constantly.  When he went to the hospital, I stayed with him at night and my husband stayed during the day so I could disinfect and run the daycare.  It was a long 5 days and finally we were able to come home.  
 photo allstatelogo_300x60_zps5487a605.jpgAfter a lot of doctor visits and months of nebulizer treatments with him sleeping in a swing so he could handle the mucus we finally were able to move him into his crib.  It took a lot of good work from nurses/doctors, understanding from other clients, Lysol, and each other to get through it.  In the end we have a healthy child who is 2 now and running circles around us!  It took "Good Hands for a Good Life".   What started as a bad situation was turned good when good people and efforts step in and bond together to make something better than we expect it to be!  
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