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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Milk Carton Turkey

Why not start a new tradition of Thanks Cards?  You can have the kids make a card all their own of why they are thankful for each person attending your thanksgiving dinner to be read around the table!  Even better, you can make a great centerpeice with the kids to double as a card holder! Check out a great way to get your turkey of thanks on this year!

Milk jug
feathers in assorted or colors of choice
googly eyes
Felt in color of choice
black marker
hot glue
brown paint
tissue paper

Start by cutting off the top of the milk jug leaving the handle attached and following the bend line in the jug.  Now, cut the corners off the curve off portion creating a circle where the nozzle was and divide into two pieces about the same size with the third portion long.

Fold the longest portion in half.

Cut the long side of the pieces when folded together to get rid of the irregular curves.

Snip slightly one end of the long piece and fold away from the fold in the plastic.

About 1 to 1 and 1/2 inches from the other end snip a small cut in the fold.

Flip the top portion down as seen in the picture.

This is what you will now have.  

Bring out the paint shirts and brown paint and have the kids cover the piece created above and the entire milk jug.  Set aside to dry.

Have the kids stand on the felt of your choice.  Trace their feet with shoes on.  Cut out the shapes.

Using hot glue attach the felt to either side of the milk jug.  You can stuff with tissue paper before sealing the top of the felt to the jug.  Now hot glue the folded milk jug to the front of the milk jug (opposite side of the handle).  Attach the split end and not the folded end of this piece.  Now, put glue in a dish and shred the tissue paper.

   Have the kids glue the tissue strips onto the handled side of the milk jug.
Using hot glue attach the googly eyes to the bend down portion of the attached piece.

Have the kids tell you where to hot glue the feathers to the back of the milk jug.

Using scrap from the felt cut out an oval and hot glue it to the underside of the beak.

Now fill it with your thank you cards.

Or you can use our scented pine-cone recipe and fill it with those for a creative and fun center-piece for the table with the added smell of the scented pine-cones.

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