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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nuby Stool Review

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 My kids love to be big.  This means doing big kid things like, helping to cook, washing their own hands, helping put things away from the dishwasher, and a ton of other things where they may need a step up to achieve   So, a step stool is needed.  But often, when you find a kid's step stool, mom's may not be able to work with the stool without squishing it.  Whether you are 110lbs or 200lbs nothing can make you feel huge like stepping onto your kid's stool and feeling it bend or break.  That's why I was excited to test out Nuby's stool. 
 photo 1292013035_zps87151f01.jpg Mommy Moments with Abby's Review of Nuby's Step Up Stool: So, this stool can hold up to 800lbs.  Well, it held me just fine while I was getting some cookbooks off my shelf above the oven.  So, I don't feel like I'm going to suddenly go down a step when I'm cleaning or getting something heavy off a high shelf.  The kid's love the colors and the dips on the sides that create a little handle are perfect for both my toddler and me to grab and carry around.  It literally made it so I could grip it with just a few fingers.  Thus allowing me to have octi-mom arms once again, able to carry a child and multiple objects at one time, drop the stool on the ground, push over with foot, climb up still holding other objects and child, then put objects away!  Gotta love those multi-task aiding mom tools!

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