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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Making your blog or business on the go ready!

This is aimed for those mom's and dad's who run a blog or own their own business.  We love to reach our customers any way we can, but it can be hard to make what looks good on the web also look good on say a mobile phone app?  Seriously, I have a hard enough time sometimes trying to get the photo's and links to align the way I want them to on my blog, trying to get it so it will also look good on any mobile users I have can be almost impossible at times.  So, I'm looking for a solution to my problem.  
Recently, I've noticed there are sites out there that are aimed at just this problem, making a business or blog look good on phones, tablets, and the i-products that have taken over the market.  The one I've recently found is called Mobstac.   They have products for either business's or private posters.  Which is nice since the market is different for a business and something like this blog.  They have the option for setting up html for both lower end tech phones to high end ipods that converts nicely.  I noticed they even have an app appearance option so you can see how it would look to your users.  So, have any of you looked into your mobile user and how they see you?

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