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Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring brings more than just flowers!

Spring brings so much in the air.  It carries change, hope, and new blooms.  It also seems to bring with it the desire t have a bloom of their own in women.  I'm not sure why but maybe its the warm sun after a long winter or all the beautiful romantic flowers that does it, but this tends to be the time of year I hear about people talking about starting a family. 
 So, are you trying to conceive? Make sure you take a second to first check out what it means to be pregnant, plus think of what you will do once the baby is born. I have heard a lot of woman say, I'll be a mom, but being a mom is much more complicated then just having a baby.  You life literally changes, you no longer can just go out on a whim, you have to think about someone else and where you take them.  Your diet changes, your free time changes, and your body will change.  It can be overwhelming and if you don't properly plan anxiety can be at an all time high.  My biggest suggestion is to think of your job, your daily activities, and your finances.  Now, look up what being pregnant means and how it affects all these things.  See if you can find ways to make it work or fit.  If their isn't a way to make it fit decide how much you want a child.  It may be time to look for a new career that is better suited for having a child or maybe having a child is more than you realized and right now isn't the right time for you.  What ever you do, research is your friend and as a mom of two, something you better get used to now because as they grow you will be doing a lot more of it with each year of their life.  A good site for information is:

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