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Monday, March 25, 2013

Milk Jug Bunny Ears

Tis' the season to get Hoppy!  Why not let your little one expel some of the energy from those baskets with a few hops of their own?  First, they will need a pair of ears to get into the part!  Let's go make some!
Milk Jug
packaging tape
Potentially a xacto-knife and string or left over fabric

This project is easy and puts that old milk jug to good use.  Start by cutting the bottom off the milk jug.  Now, starting about 1/2 an inch from the front most corner cut up about 1 1/2 inches.  Continue cutting curving around as thick as you want the ears to be then head back down making sure the corner itself is inside the ear.  Continue down until you are 2 inches from the bottom.  Curve your cut to follow around the bottom away from your newly made ear keeping that 2 inch thickness.  Go all the way around the bottom until you come to the corner next to where the corner you made your first ear out of is.  Keeping the same thickness and height cut out your other ear.  When you come down the other side make sure to curve leaving the 2 inch thickness from the bottom.  Now that your ears have been cut out. Measure them on the child's head.  If too big, you can fold it to fit using the packaging tape to secure the fold to itself in the back.  If too small, you can cut the back apart, using a xacto-knife poke a hole on either end and thread through some scrap fabric to tie onto your child's head.  You can have them decorate this if you want, if not plop them on the kids head and lets get hopping.  See who can hop the biggest without loosing their ears, who can hop the farthest, fastest, slowest, smallest, or any other way you can think.  Make a rule that they have to hop everywhere today!  Have a fun and Hoppy Holiday!

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