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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Shopping LELA Style!

So, I'm a mom who loves to shop, but hates to shop because I'm always on the clock.  Like every mom out there I know that I have limited time to get into, through, and out of a store in a specific time period or I'm in for something child related happening.  I can't tell you how often I've been with half a full cart in the middle of a Target when my kid says, "I have to potty", so you take them to come out and find your half full cart MIA and you have to start over.  This is specifically annoying to a mom who shops for Christmas year round to get the best deals, spread out the damage to the wallet, and leave a few last minute things for that Thanksgiving insanity that I dread being in.  So, to help my shopping annoyances I find shopping online much easier, sort of.
I hate how much sites don't consider all your needs or wants when your looking online.  I can't tell you how much it annoys me to look in a baby section and get uber expensive items next to a shirt for a man with some quote that has "babe" in it or something.  How either is helpful I don't know.  So, I found a site that condenses things for you. Much simpler if you ask me.  It is called LELA.  It asked me about 3 questions and then as you look in each section it tells you how the items rate considering your wants and needs, plus how many stores the item is offered in.  So, not only does it think about my wallet considerations, but it also considers my luxury desires balances that and gives me the best fit product with a rating in percentages.  Plus, if I look in the baby section, I won't find any men's clothing!!!!  It took me about 5 minutes, probably less, to do the quiz and get started looking for things to put on the list to keep in mind or as suggestions for my kids.  My only problem is that I need them to expand to more sections so I can do more shopping!  Check it out and find out what kind of shopper you are! You can take the quiz by clicking LELA

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