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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Take Hyland’s 7-Day Sleep Challenge

Sleep, it can be a five letter word to any mom.  That's why it's important for us to find healthy ways to get to sleep and share them with other mom's.  My favorite thing to help me get to sleep is two fold.  
Step 1: Do a short 5 minute yoga stretch routine.  I pick 5 yoga stretches I like that can all be done on the floor.  I make sure that I stretch my legs, arms, back, and each side to keep things even.  Then, I focus on breathing and getting into each pose spending 1 minute on each pose.  This way, I loosen all the stress built up during the day in my muscles. I've gotten my body into a place of good circulation.  Plus, I've gotten it into a more relaxed state by holding each position for an extended period of time.  Tip: use pillows or blankets as support when doing spending a long period of time in each pose, if your body and doctor tells you it is alright, you can spend 5 minutes per pose for more of a Yin Flow Yoga workout at the end of your day.  

Step 2: Keep a routine.  This lets your body know it is time for bed.  Do your yoga flow, have that final glass of relaxing tea, read a few pages from your book, do the same hygiene routine in the same order, then get into bed, and focus on your breathing.  This way your body will start triggering for sleep when you do your routine.  Tip: This can also work well with your kids.  Doing the same things in the same order each night can help trigger a sleep response for them as well!  
So, what is your sleepy time tip?  Visit the Hyland’s Challenge Page  to share your tip on getting a better night’s sleep and participate in the 7-Day Sleep Challenge where you can register for a chance to win a Rest and Relaxation gift basket which includes: Hyland’s products (Calms Forte, Nerve Tonic, Leg Cramps PM as well as Lily’s Sweet’s chocolate (4 bars, one of each flavor) , Aura Cacia aromatherapy Pillow Potion and Relaxing Lavender Bath Salts, Theo drinking chocolate, Madhava organic honey, Mack’s ear plugs, and Choice Tea.

NOTE: The 7 Day Sleep Challenge Starts on March 11 and ends on March 18.
Click Hyland’s Challenge Page to share your tip and enter to win the Rest and Relaxation Gift Basket! 

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